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Physical Characterisation Lab
Molecular Structure Characterisation Lab
Morphology Lab

i-CRIM Centralised Lab is an analytical service lab that provides instrumentation and capacity building services to science, technology and innovation communities. The analytical services include :

Elemental Analysis

  • Inorganic material phase identification
  • Material surface layers characterisation
  • Chemical elements identification


  • Cross section analysis
  • Advance coating thickness and structure uniformity analyses
  • Structure and texture analyses at molecular level

Failure Analysis

  • Sample thickness analysis
  • Materials quality analysis
  • Impurity and defect analyses

Life Science & Natural Products

  • Volatile and non-volatile samples analyses ( biochemical, organic and inorganic compounds )
  • Food, beverage, flavour and fragrance analyses
  • Colour and food constituent analyses

Chemical Structure

  • Molecules structure analysis
  • Functional groups and chemical bonds analyses
  • New mineral identification

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