Fourier Transform Near Infrared (FT-NIR) with Imaging System

Brand : Perkin Elmer
Model : Spectrum 400 FT-IR/NIR with Imaging System

  • To analyse the functional groups and chemical bonds in molecules based
    on standard transmission, reflection and ATR imaging
  • Equipped with imaging system to enhance the application technique to
    various research field which is capable to give the information about the
    spatial distribution of the component in mixture product, granule, tablet
    and thin layer. It also can trace presence of polymer, agglomerate and
    other contaminants


FTIR/FT-NIR with imaging system is a very versatile analytical technique, giving many important information for the scientific research and quality control application. It is a very useful in many research field such as:
• Chemistry
• Forensics
• Biomedical
• Food Science
• Pharmaceuticals
• Advance Materials
• Biomaterials
Sample Requirements
• Powder
• Film
• Solid
• Liquid

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