Nano Particle Size Analyzer (NPSA)

Brand : Malvern
Model : Zeta Sizer Nano ZS
Measurement Ranges : 0.3 nm – 10 um
Zeta Potential : (-150 V) – (150V)

Nano size analyzers are used to measure the sizes of particles (Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and zeta potential in liquid conditions. The particle size measured in a Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) instrument is the diameter of the sphere that diffuses at the same speed as the particle being measured. The Zetasizer system determines the size by first measuring the Brownian motion of the particles in a sample using DLS and then interpreting a size from this using established theories.

Zeta potential is measured using a combination of the measurement techniques: Electrophoresis and Laser Doppler Velocimetry, sometimes called Laser Doppler Electrophoresis. This method measures how fast a particle moves in aliquid when an electrical field is applied – i.e. its velocity.


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