Center for Latin American Studies (iKAL) was established August 15, 2013 under (IKMAS) Institute of Malaysian and International Studies. Previously, Latin American networking was operating under (IKON) Centre for Occidental Studies. Now, with iKAL at IKMAS, it currently embarks on the social sciences aspects exploration of academic and research network in countries of Latin American region. It aims to study and learn the identity of the region from ASIAN perspectives. iKAL is dedicated in promoting research and community awareness about issues affecting Latin America.

iKAL’s mission is to expand and enrich academic resources relating to Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). It associates itself strongly with the emphasis on research networks LASA.  (LASA) is a Latin American and Asian Studies that focuses on the development of the region. Our focus is on the philosophy and thought, governance and economy and literary works culture of Latin America. These resources provide the means for students to become experts about LAC and for faculty to pursue research, enhance their expertise, and disseminate new knowledge on the region. iKAL also shares its resources locally, nationally, and internationally with members of the academic community as well as with public and private sector organizations and the general public.