Jabatan Parasitologi & Entomologi Perubatan

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Bengkel Parasit Usus


Pendedahan & Kemahiran

Memberi pendedahan dan kemahiran amali (hands-on) kepada peserta dalam melakukan teknik-teknik pemprosesan spesimen parasit usus.

Pengenalpastian Parasit

Memberi pendedahan kepada peserta dalam pengenalpasti parasit usus dengan menggunakan slaid pengajaran di jabatan

Penyediaan & Pewarnaan

Memberi pendedahan kepada peserta dalam teknik penyediaan slaid dan pewarnaan kekal yang digunakan di jabatan

Kursus Termasuk


Syarahan & kelas daripada penceramah berpengalaman

Pemeriksaan & Pemerhatian Slaid

Memerhatikan slaid yang telah di tetapkan di mikroskop dan membezakan morfologi setiap parasit

Penyediaan & Pewarnaan

Memberi pendedahan dalam teknik penyediaan slaid dan pewarnaan kekal yang digunakan di jabatan

Kemahiran Amali

Pendedahan dan kemahiran amali (hands-on) dalam melakukan teknik-teknik pemprosesan spesimen parasit usus.

Ujian Penilaian

Peserta yang lulus akan mendapat sijil penilaian dan sijil kehadiran

Testimoni Peserta

1st ,the knowledge and experience that i have gained during this workshop. I have zero knowledge in basic parasite which is the reason i joined this course . 2nd fun teaching and friendly environment in this workshop

Anonymous 1 Peserta Bengkel 2022

Blh refresh smula pengetahuan selepas lama tidak mempraktikkn slaid reading utk parasit. Bengkel ni jugak focus more on practical and hands on which important for staff that work in hospitals or clinics

Anonymous 2 Peserta Bengkel 2022

New experience and refresh knowledge. I can identify parasite even 1 species rather than before.

Anonymous 3 Peserta Bengkel 2022

Everything just excellent. TQVM semua fasi dan lecturer yang sangat membantu dan friendly. Hope to see you again!

Anonymous 4 Peserta Bengkel 2020

The most valuable thing during this program is me obtained lot of knowledge about helminth & protozoa. We learn how to do staining, smear and proper direct smear. We also can differentiate stages of parasites & this is so helpful when we going back to our working area.

Anonymous 5 Peserta Bengkel 2020

Membantu saya sebagai MLT. Informasi yang diberikan sangat jelas terutama sesi di makmal. Kami berpeluang membuat pengecaman parasit usus melalui slaid yang disediakan. Overall,this workshop is outstanding, great and knowledgeable.

Anonymous 6 Peserta Bengkel 2020

High quality of teaching slides. The focus on parasites with abundance of preserved specimen available to hands-on & perform reading with sufficient microscope available. Special mention to Dr Azlin for her fantastic presentation. Clear & straight to the point!

Anonymous 7 Peserta Bengkel 2019

So much knowledge we get & new techniques we learn. It's actually a very good refreshment about what we have learn before and for a private sector lab is vary good because we didn't get much of patient sample with positive compare to gov hospital.

Anonymous 8 Peserta Bengkel 2019

Course content is straight to the point & very relevant to the routine lab work. I can know a new technique of staining which can be use to identify some parasite such as acid fast & GCK. Able to see actual parasites in real life slide with proper & excellent staining.

Anonymous 9 Peserta Bengkel 2019