Department of Earth Sciences and Environment

Dr. Nor Shahidah Mohd Nazer

BSc (UKM), MSc (UKM), PhD (Glasgow)
Tel: +6 018 9635456 I E-mail:


I graduated from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow in year 2016 and joined UKM as a University Lecturer soon after.  My field research area focuses on soil, especially problematic soils. I am particularly interested with desiccated crack behavior of soils and is now investigating  its influence towards Geohazard initiation.


  • Engineering Geology
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Geomorphology
  • Creep behavior of clayey geomaterials


  • Viscous behavior of clayey geo-materials
  • Early warning system for rainfall-induced landslides
  • Desiccated cracks in dispersive soils Problematic soils behavior (settlement, erosion, quick clay/sand, liquefaction)
  • Engineering behavior and characterization of shale rheology



  • STAG1202 Geomorfologi
  • STAG1252/1033 Bahan Bumi
  • STAG2073/2092 Teknik Pemetaan Geologi
  • STAG3133 Mekanik Tanah
  • STAG3974 Latihan Ilmiah I
  • STAG3994 Latihan Ilmiah II
  • STAG 6224 Soil Engineering
  • STAG 6213 Engineering Geology


Direct shear box for stress relaxation

Analog model of spring and dashpot configuration

Similar model successfully inferred stress relaxation into creep response for landslide evaluation




























Selected Publications

  • Nazer, N.S.B.M., 2016. Viscous response in shear of clayey geomaterial (Doctoral dissertation, University of Strathclyde). Nazer, N.S.M. and Tarantino, A., 2016, September.
  • Creep response in shear of clayey geo-materials under saturated and unsaturated conditions. In E3S Web of Conferences (Vol. 9). Nazer, N.S.M., 2017.
  • Geohazard Modelling of Creeping Landslide by Mechanical-Analogue Model. SAINS MALAYSIANA, 46(12), pp.2325-2329.