FST Postgraduate


As a superior Public Institution of Higher Learning (IPTA) in Malaysia, UKM has moved to the front in encouraging schools to offer post graduate studies in science. UKM offers a marine science programme for under graduate students. The Marine science programme was established in 1985 courses offered include all aspects of marine physics, chemistry and biology at the UKM branch campus at Kota Kinabalu Sabah. This programme was moved back to the main campus in Bangi at the end of 1995. It is currently operating under the School of Environment and Natural Resource Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology.

Since its establishment, the Marine Science Programme of UKM has experienced developments in various aspects that include expanding of the academic staff expertise and good teaching, numbers of knowledgeable students and high level of researchs. Nowaday, academic staffs from Marine Science Programme of UKM has reputed at national and international standings in various field such as researchs on marine organism diversity, fisheries science and fish ecology, research on toxic algae problems, marine microbiology and biotechnology and climate changes researchs in particular related with El Nino and La Nina phenomena. Recognition has been proven based on the various roles playing by the academic staffs as leader or coordinator in various global programmes organized by CoML, JSPS, IAEA and IOC-WESTPAC. Several academic staffs from this programme have regularly receiving invitation or deliver talks on various issues at national and international standings. With these achievements, development in knowledge and research, Marine Science Program of UKM are now offered the post-graduates programme studies in marine science.

Dr. Khoo Mei Ling

Programme Coordinator