FST Postgraduate


The development in technology for in situ tests have been very rapid for the last one decades especially in the field of civil engineering and environmental industries. Many testing methods and material characterization have been introduced which include the geophysical engineering and environmental techniques. The effectiveness, accuracy and fast as well as relatively low operational cost have made geophysical techniques become important tools in engineering site investigations and in environmental monitoring works. There are various geophysical techniques that can be used to obtain many engineering parameters of material below surface and this field requires skilled and experienced geophysicists to interpret geophysical data collected from the field.

This programme is designed to provide students with specialist training into all aspects of Applied Geophysics, from the basic physical principles through practical applications to state of the art technical geophysical innovations. The main thrust of the course is towards Engineering and Environmental Geophysics industries. The broad-based approach allows graduates to pursue their career options including consulting, research and teaching as well as to prepare themselves for further studies at higher levels. It is also targeted at working professionals wishing to update their knowledge or acquire new skills in the field of engineering and environmental geophysics

Dr. Nor Shahidah Mohd Nazer

Programme Coordinator