Doctor of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine

Secretariat of Undergraduate Studies - Faculty of Medicine

The medical course comprises a preclinical phase (2 years) of basic medical sciences, an intermediate stage of junior clinical clerkship (1 year) followed by senior medical clerkship (2 years). Problem solving, methods of inquiry, critical thinking and independent learning strategies are emphasized. At the end of the course, students are expected to graduate with competencies in the relevant areas of knowledge and clinical skills, apart from leadership and communication skills pertaining to working with other healthcare professionals.

The course also equips graduates with life-long learning and medical research capabilities via a special research module. Personal and professional development modules spanning the duration of the 5-year program equips learners with important soft skills, awareness of medical ethics and a sense of social responsibility.

Our aim is to produce well-rounded medical professionals who are able to serve society in challenging and varied work environments and who are well-positioned for further postgraduate training. Students are supported by a mentor-mentee system throughout the programme

Year CourseCourse (Citra UKM)
Year 1Semester 1FFFF1113  Cellular Biomolecules
FFFF1213 Tissues of Body
FFFF1333 Membranes & Receptor
FFFF1412 Metabolism
FFFF1813 Personal & Professional Advancement IA
LMCW2173 Ethnic Relation
LMCE1012 Academic Communication I
LMCE1022 Academic Communication II*LMCW2922 Soft Skills (This course can be taken at any semester in Year 1 to Year 2)
Semester 2FFFF1312 Human Genetics
FFFF1244 Infection & Immunity
FFFF1223 Mechanisms of Diseases
FFFF1424 Musculoskeletal System
FFFF1521 Clinical Science I
FFFF1622 Medicine & Society I
FFFF1822 Personal & Professional Advancement 1B
LMCE2042 Workplace Communication III
Year 2 Semester 1FFFF2113 Blood & Lymph
FFFF2214 Cardiovascular System
FFFF2313 Respiratory System
FFFF2433 Urinary System
FFFF2511 Clinical Science IIA
FFFF2613 Medicine & Society II
FFFF2812 Personal &Professional Advancement IIA
LMCW2163 Islamic & Asia Civilization
Semester 2FFFF2125 Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary System
FFFF2242 Endocrine System
FFFF2325 Neuro Sciences
FFFF2443 Reproductive System
FFFF2522 Clinical Science III
FFFF2822 Personal & Professional Advancement IIB
LMCE3031 Professional Written Communication
Year 3 FFFF3119 Internal Medicine I
FFFF3129 Surgery I
FFFF3115 Family Medicine I
FFFF3618 Medicine & Society III
FFFF3816 Personal & Professional Advancement III
FFFF3512 Radiology I
 ElectiveFFFF3922 Elective Posting 
Year 4 FFFF4118 Psychiatry
FFFF4127 Paediatrics I
FFFF4618 Obstetrics & Gynaecology I
FFFF4229 Orthopaedics
FFFF4322 Ophthalmology
FFFF4422 Anaesthesiology
FFFF4823 Personal and Professional Advancement IV
FFFF4812 Special Study Module I
FFFF4822 Special Study Module II
FFFF4911 Forensic Pathology I (Semester I)
FFFF4921 Forensic Pathology II (Semester II)
FFFF4622 Radiology II
Year 5 FFFF5522 Family Medicine II
FFFF5119 Surgery II
FFFF5212 Emergency Medicine
FFFF5227 Paediatrics II
FFFF5329 Internal Medicine II
FFFF5419 Obstetrics & Gynaecology II
FFFF5823 Personal & Professional Advancement V
FFFF5816 Special Study Module III
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Duration of Studies                          : 10 semesters

Registration                                       : RM 1,200

Activities and Services                    : RM 340

Study fees                                          : RM 900

First Semester                                  : RM 2,440

Subsequent Semester                    : RM 1,240

Total Fees                                          : RM 13,600

Year 1

Mrs Julina Ismail                               

03-9145 5030

Year 2

Mrs Nik Izzaty Najian Nik Iskandar                       

03-9145 5030

Year 3

Mrs Siti Nursyakira Abdullah  

03-9145 5031

Year 4

Mrs Munirah Mohd Arif                           

03-9145 5031

Year 5

Mrs Khairunissa Isa                                 

03-9145 5031

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