Bachelor of Nursing with Honours

Bachelor of Nursing with Honours​

Secretariat of Undergraduate Studies - Faculty of Medicine

This is a basic nursing courses to provide first level nurses who are capable of responsibility in clinical nursing a high level, and at the same time trying to improve the quality of services through continued research and development in the field of nursing.

It is a 4 year course that includes all the courses taught in the diploma program includes in-depth medical care, and social sciences, humanities, nursing research, public health and society, and management science. Additional course work will enhance professional development and will provide them to practice more widespread, better understanding of the issues of cultural, political, economic, and social, have more capacity to adapt to change and to work in interdisciplinary team and also to integrate clinical expertise with knowledge of community resources.

Bachelor of Nursing offers a credit score higher in liberal education in philosophy and theories of nursing, medical sociology, issues of ethics and medicolegal, a more intensive approach to critical thinking and problem solving, the ability to analyze and communicate data, education and patient counseling. Even more important is the development of the skills of communication and leadership skills, patient education, and skills in patient assessment, planning and evaluation of care, including the development of critical pathways which is essential in the clinical scene.

Year 1Sem 1FFFJ1012 Health & Health Promotion
FFFJ1314 Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry I
FFFJ1214 Foundation of Nursing Practice I
FFFJ1413 Foundation of Nursing Practice II
FFFJ1113 Microbiology, Parasitology and Immunology
LMCW2173 Ethnic Relation
LMCE1012 Academic Communication I
Sem 2FFFJ1222 Basic Communication and Introduction to Ethics
FFFJ1324 Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry II
FFFJ1224 Adult Nursing I
FFFJ1622 Sociology
FFFJ1424 Principles of Pharmacology
LMCW1022 Asas Keusahawanan dan Inovasi
(Pelaksanaan aktiviti/projek di peringkat fakulti/kolej/persatuan)
Year 2 Sem 1FFFJ2014 Adult Nursing II
FFFJ2114 Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry III
FFFJ2314 Adult Nursing III
FFFJ2414 Community Health Nursing
LMCW2163 Islamic & Asia Civilization
LMCE2032 Workplace Communication for Nurses
LMCW2922 Soft Skills
Sem 2FFFJ2123 Principles of Nutrition
FFFJ2124 Adult Nursing IV
FFFJ2224 Adult Nursing V
FFFJ2423 Primary Health Care
FFFJ2622 Developmental Psychology
Year 3Sem 1FFFJ3014 Critical Care Module
FFFJ3114 Home Care Module
FFFJ3214 Mental Health Module
FFFJ3313 Understanding Nursing Theories
FFFJ3713 Nursing Informatics
LMCE3031 Professional Written Communication
Sem 2FFFJ3024 Paediatric Module
FFFJ3124 Obstetrics & Gynecology Module
FFFJ3324 Oncology Module
FFFJ3823 Professional Relationship in Nursing Practice
 Elective I (Non-Nursing) – 3 credits 
Year 4Sem 1FFFJ4714 Basic Statistics & Research Methods
FFFJ4612 Medical Sociology
FFFJ4814 Management in Nursing Practice
FFFJ4613 Patient Education
Elective II (Nursing) 
 FFFJ4114 Paediatric Nursing
FFFJ4214 Critical Care Nursing
FFFJ4314 Mental Health Nursing
FFFJ4414 Renal Nursing
FFFJ4514 Orthopaedic Nursing
FFFJ4914 Community Health Nursing
Sem 2FFFJ4122 Ethics and Medicolegal Aspects in Nursing
FFFJ4724 Research Project
FFFJ4124 Gerontology Module
FFFJ4423 Nursing Management Practicum

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Duration of Studies                          : 8 semesters

Registration                                       : RM 1,200

Activities and Services                    : RM 340

Study fees                                          : RM 660

First Semester                                   : RM 2,200

Subsequent Semester                     : RM 1,000

Total Fees                                           : RM 9,200

Year 1-4

Mrs. Rumaizam Mohd Noor



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