Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medicine with Honours

Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medicine with Honours​

Secretariat of Undergraduate Studies - Faculty of Medicine

This degree program was developed based on collaboration between UKM with Medical Assistant Board, Medical Assistant Association and Medical Assistant Union aimed at producing more graduates with the degree in the field of Assistant Medical Officer. The programs started at 2007 and is one of the special programs for Assistant Medical Officer.

This program is conducted on a full time basis and course work. Varies method of teaching are emphasized such as simulation-based learning, problem solving, lectures, clinical attachment and etc. in this program. At the end of the programs, student are expected to graduate with competence in the relevant areas of knowledge and clinical skills apart of from leadership and communications skills. In this program students are also exposed to medical research capabilities. They are required to conduct research with a guide by an expert in the relevant field.

The aim of this program is to produce a well-rounded skills and knowledgeable in the field of emergency medicine.

Year 1Sem 1FFEP1114  Human Anatomy and Physiology I
FFEP1414 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
FFEP1112 Basics of Chemistry
Sem 2FFEP1122 Basics of Pathology
FFEP1222 Basics of Microbiology And Tropical Medicine
FFEP1325 Clinical Basic Skills
Recruitment of students holding Diploma in Medical Assistants and their equivalent will commence their studies continue into Year 2 through credit transfer
Year 2 Sem 1FFEP2114 Clinical Pharmacology
FFEP2112 Communication and Basics of Counseling
FFEP2213 Research Methods and Applications of Information Technology
FFEP2312 Systemic Pathology
FFEP2132/LMCR2102/LMCR1282 Projek Elektif/ Pengurusan Majlis dan Protokol/Pembentangan Lisan Berimpak
Sem 2FFEP2522 Legal Issues and Ethics in Medicine
FFEP2123 Organizational Management and Occupational Health
FFEP2422 Biostatistics
FFEP2223 Rescue Technique
Year 3Sem 1FFEP3214 Kecemasan Psikiatri
FFEP3112 Environmental Emergencies
FFEP3115 Perioperative and Critical Care
FFEP3414 Surgical Emergency
FFEP3314 Ambulance Operations Service
FFEP3514 Research Project I (continued through Year 3 of Semester II)
Sem 2FFEP3125 Infections and Infectious Diseases
FFEP3225 Orthopaedic anxiety
FFEP3124 Obstetric & Gynaecological and Neonatological Emergencies
FFEP3514 Research Projects I
Year 4Sem 1FFEP4115 Pediatric Emergencies
FFEP4116 Emergency Medicine I
FFEP4215 Emergency Medicine II
FFEP4113 Pre-Hospital Care I
FFEP4124 Research Project II (continued through Year 4 Semester II)
Sem 2FFEP4124 Research Project II
FFEP4325 Disaster Management
FFEP4224 Pre-Hospital Care II
FFEP4425 Community Health

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Duration of Studies                          : 8 semesters

Registration                                       : RM 1,200

Activities and Services                    : RM 340

Study fees                                          : RM 600

First Semester                                   : RM 2,140

Subsequent Semester                     : RM 940

Total Fees                                           : RM 8,720

Year 1-4

Mrs. Zarina Jahari 

03-9145 5478

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