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4 Years / 8 Semester

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RM19, 900


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English is the lingua franca for science and technology, commerce, and politics. Therefore, the English program provides knowledge and skills to students according to the needs and aspirations crucial for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This program implements integrated learning that combines all aspects of language skills through transformative teaching and learning practices essential in meeting job market demands. Students will be able to generate, apply, and share knowledge, as well as demonstrate a deep systematic understanding in the field of English language and related research. They will show the ability to conduct research and apply practical skills in English language studies through critical analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of new and complex ideas.

No. Program Advantages
1. Fulfill the MQA requirement.
2. In accordance with the current knowledge development and fulfil the industry needs and interested parties.
3. Producing knowledgeable and skilled practitioner.
Semester Code & Name Course Category Units
Semester  I SKPD1013 Introduction to Social Science WF 3
SKPD1053 Speaking and Communication Skills CD2 3
SKPD1023 Information Technology for Social Science SD5/WF 3
LMCK1331 Elective Communication CD2 1
LMCK1531 Leadership and Creativity CD4 1
LMCK1421 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving CD3 1
Total Units 12
Semester II SKMB1023 Malay Language Phonetic WP 3
SKMP1043 Introduction to Malay Studies WP 3
SKMB1063 Introduction to Malay Language Review WP 3
SKPD1043 Introduction to Philosophy CD1 3
LMCR2422 Thinking Skills CD3 2
LMCR2442 Language Proficiency Skills CD3 2
LMCR2212 Writing Forms CD2 2
Total Units 18
Semester III SKMB1033 Malay Language Phonology WP 3
SKMB1043 Malay Language Morphology WF 3
SKPD1033 English for Social Science WF 3
LMCR1052 Self Development 1 WP 2
LMCW2163 Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization CW 3
LMCW2022 Data Management and Analytics CW 2
LMCR2231 The Use of Discourse Markers in Writing CW 1
Total Units 16
Semester IV SKMB1053 Malay Language Syntax WP 3
SKMB2143 Malay Language Semantics WP 3
SKMB2063 Malay Language Dialectology WP 3
SKMM2083 Creative Writing CD2 3
LMCR2392 Time management CD3 2
LMCR1063 Self Development 2 CW 2
LMCR1063 Emotional Management CW 2
Total Units 18
Semester V SKMB2093 Malay Language Text Editing WP 3
SKMB2113 Analysis of Malay Language Discourse WP 3
SKMB2123 Malay Language Sociolinguistics WF 3
SKMK2133 Popular Culture WP 3
LMCE2012 Workplace Communication WF 2
LMCW2173 Ethnic relations CW 3
Total Units 17
Semester VI SKMB3233 Malay Language History WP 3
SKMB3153 Linguistic History of Malay Language WP 3
SKMB3163 Malay Language Psycholinguistics WP 3
SKMP2024 Research Methodology WP 4
LMCW1022 Basic Entrepreneurship and Innovation CD2 2
LMCR2462 Creative Problem Solving CD6 2
Total Units 16
Semester VII SKMB3202 Language Philosophy WP 3
SKMB3243 Advanced Malay Language Syntax WP 3
SKMB3213 Malay Language Pragmatic WP 3
SKMB3223 Lexicography Malay Language WP 3
Total Units 12
Semester VIII SKPX3206 Industrial Training WP 6
SKPX3006 Industrial Training WP 6
Total Units 12
Grand Total 123
*Nota: W = Wajib / Compulsory; P =Pilihan / Elective AU – Audit / Audit *Subject to change

A recognized diploma from an educational institution accredited by the University and the Government of Malaysia with a minimum CGPA of 3.00.

Attainment of at least a CGPA of 3.00 or a minimum grade of C+ (NGMP 2.33) in the following subjects at the STPM / KPM Matriculation / Foundation level:

    • Malay Languange / History / Geography / Malay Literature / Economics / Business Studies / Accounting

At least MUET Band 2

1.Obtained the MQA APEL Certification with Level 6 attainment.
2.MUET: At least MUET Band 2
Learning Fees
FSSK > Undergraduate > Study Mode: Executives
👱En. Ahmad Syahmie Aidid Adnan,
📱03 8927 2126 / 017 9236591

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