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International Student Visa Procedures

Congratulations on your enrolment to Center for Shaping Advanced & Professional Education (UKMShape)

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia!

Kindly be informed that International Students who have received their offer letter from UKMShape are required to apply for a Visa Approval Letter (VAL), as early as 3 months or at least 1 month before the registration date.

Below are the required forms and guidelines for International Student Visa Application, which contains all information such as UKMShape visa processing fees, payment information, document requirements, eVAL processing timeline and general information regarding entry into Malaysia. It is also important that applicants refer to the guidelines below before submitting their application:

  • Variation – For applicants who are changing institutes / courses (application type : From other University / Within same University (UKM Global / UKMShape)). Variation applications made during 2nd year onwards are not recommended.

    • Download form. (2021 – registration for Semester 2 / 20202021 onwards)

  • Progression – For applicants who are changing level of studies.

    • Download form. (2021 – registration for Semester 2 / 20202021 onwards)

  • Letter of Eligibility – For Iranian Students only. Download form.

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