The ASASIpintar at Geniuspintar UKM is a pre-university program for a selected students with high intellectual potientials with considerable talents. We emphaisze on holisic development of students to ensure that all physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual & social aspects of students can be improved. The program offers a curriculum that combines theory & practice as well as research courses to strengthen students’ability to conduct variety of research in their field of interest. The cultivating of challenging knowledge as well as the latest innovations are the pillar of the ASASIpintar program.
    1. To provide initial experience for ASASIpintar UKM students to study in higher learning institutions & at the same time leading the field mastery compared with other students. 
    2. To develop a generation of gifted & talented students who can cultivate innovation, invention and acquired important skills to conduct research. 
    3. To prepare students with strong leadership, responsible & able to make effective decisions grounded on good ethical values. 
    4. To improve students’ humanity competencies holistically & be able to contribute to the country at any levels; national & international.

Malaysian Candidates International Candidates
Obtain at least Grade A- in the following seven (7) subjects:
    • Open to category A candidates (SPM current year) & category B candidates (SPM not current year)
    • Additional Mathematics
    • Chemistry day
    • Mathematics
    • Biology
    • English
    • Physic
    • Malay
    • Candidate must have passed their high school examination or any equivalent with minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average at 3.00
    • Pass O Level or other equivalent qualification
    • Other equivalent school qualifications recognized by the Malaysia Qualification recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)
    • Obtained Grade A- in Mathematics, Physics. Biology and Chemistry and English Language qualification equivalent to Cambridge O Level 1119
    • Age not more than 19 years old at the same time of application

Malaysian Students RM 28,000.00
International Students RM35,000.00
1 year (July/August in the current year, June/July the next year)

Semester 1

Course Code Subject
PNAP0113 Biology I
PNAP0123 Physics I
PNAP0133 Chemistry I
PNAP0143 Logical Resoning
PNAP0154 Statistics
PNAP0164 Research Skills
PNAP0173 Language & Literary Appreciation
PNAP0193 National Identity Development
Semester 2
Course Code Subject
PNAP0213 Biology II
PNAP0223 Physics II
PNAP0233 Chemistry II
PNAP0246 Vector Calculus
PNAP0263 Research Project
PNAP0283 Critical Analysis of Current Issues
PNAP0293 Leadership & Decision Making
PNAP0193 National Identity Development

Application Enquiry Program Enquiry
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