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5 years / 10 Semester

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The Bachelor of Accounting program is designed to produce knowledgeable, analytical, competent, and ethical accounting graduates to meet the needs of the professional workforce in the accounting field. It has produced many renowned accounting experts in both government agencies and private organizations, enriching the country’s industrial landscape. In this program, students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in various accounting-related areas such as financial accounting, auditing, taxation, accounting information systems, and corporate governance. The program opens up numerous career opportunities such as financial accountants, auditors, cost accountants, financial analysts, banking and finance executives, tax consultants, and more. This enhances graduates’ employability as they have received sufficient exposure to the accounting profession.

No.Programme Objectives
1.Menghasilkan graduan perakaunan analitikal,berkompetensi dan berintegriti untuk memenuhi keperluan tenaga kerja profesional dalam bidang perakaunan.

Pelajar akan dilengkapkan dengan ilmu kemahiran terkini :

    • Perakaunan kewangan
    • Audit
    • Percukaian
    • Sistem maklumat perakaunan dan tadbir urus korporat.

3 Laluan ditawarkan kepada pelajar :

    • Laluan Konversional (kerja kursus + latihan industri)
    • Laluan Profesional ( kerja kursus + latihan industri + 2 kertas peperiksaan profesional)
    • Laluan Industri ( sangkutan industri selama 12 bulan )
No. Program Advantages
1. Fulfill the MQA requirement
2. In accordance with the current knowledge development and fulfil the industry needs and interested parties
3. Producing knowledgeable and skilled practitioner
Semester Code & Name Course Category Units
Semester I EPPD1013 Microeconomics WF 3
EPPD1033 Principles in Accounting WF 3
EPPD1053 Introduction to Management CW 3
EPPD2023 Statistics for Economy and Business WF 3
LMCR2252 Emotion Management C6 2
Total Units 14
Semester II EPPD1023 Macro economy WF 3
EPPD1043 Mathematics for Economics and Business WF 3
EPPM2073 Introduction to Marketing WP 3
EPPA2013 Accounting and Financial Report I WP 3
LMCW1022 Statistics for Economy and Business CW 2
Total Units 14
Short Semesters EPPD1063 Computer application WF 3
EPPA3023 Taxes I WP 3
Total Units 6
Semester III EPPA2013 Accounting and Financial Report I WP 3
EPPA2033 Accounting Cost WP 3
LMCE1012 Academic Communication I WF 2
LMCW2022 Management & Analytics CW 2
LMCW2173 Ethnic relations CW 3
Total Units 11
Semester IV EPPM2014 Business communication WM 4
EPPA3013 Auditing WP 3
EPPA3043 Accounting Information and Control System WP 3
EPPA3113 Selected Issues in Accounting and Financial Report WM 3
LMCE3011 Speech Communication WF 1
Total Units 15
Semester VI EPPA2413 Commercial Law WM 3
EPPA4313 Advanced Audit and Investigation WM 3
EPPM2114 Financial management WP 4
EPPM3123 Management Science WM 3
EPPA4433 International Financial PB 3
Total Units 15
Short Semesters EPPD2033 Business According to Islamic Perspective WF 3
EPPM3033 Organisation Behavior WM 3
Total Units 6
Semester VI EPPA2423 Company and Collaboration Laws WM 3
EPPA3513 Taxes II WM 3
EPPA3613 Strategic Development and Application of Accounting Information Systems WM 3
EPPA4133 Public Sector Accounting WM 3
LMCR2332 Management Science C5 2
Total Units 12
Semester VIII EPPM3644 Corporate Finance and Restructuring WM 4
EPPA4143 Organisation Behavior WM 3
EPPA4213 Accounting Management Seminar WM 3
EPPA4513 Advanced in Taxes PB 3
EPPM2033 International Business WM 3
Total Units
Short Semesters LMCR2392 Time Management C4 2
Total Units 5
Semester VIIII EPPA4113 Exclusive Accounting PB 3
EPPA4123 Accounting Theory and Practice WM 6
EPPM4014 Strategic management WM 4
EPPA4716 Integration Case Research WM 3
Total Units 13
Β Grand Total 162

A recognized diploma from an educational institution accredited by the University and the Government of Malaysia with a minimum CGPA of 3.00.

Attainment of at least a CGPA of 3.00 or a minimum grade of B- (NGMP 2.67) in the following subjects at the STPM / KPM Matriculation / Foundation level:

    • Economic / Accounting / Business Studies / Business Management / Mathematics / Additional Mathematics
1. Attainment of at least a English Grade D (Pass) at the SPM level
2. At least MUET Band 2
1. Obtained the MQA APEL Certification with Level 6 attainment.
2. At least MUET Band 2
Learning Fees
FEP > Undergraduate > Study Mode: Executives
πŸ‘±Dr Amirul Hafiz Bin Mohd Nasir
Program Coordinator,
Faculty of Economics & Management
πŸ“±03 8921 5546 / 019 3330781
πŸ‘±En. Ahmad Syahmie Aidid Adnan,
πŸ“±03 8927 2126 / 017 9236591

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