Bachelor of Islamic Studies with Honors (Arabic Studies and Islamic Civilization)



5 Years / 10 Semester

study mode



RM35, 000 (Local)


UKM Bangi


The Arabic Studies and Islamic Civilization program focuses on fundamental knowledge in Arabic Studies and Islamic Civilization. It trains students to understand Islamic texts and cultures through Arabic language study. Emphasizing religion, literature, linguistics, history, and civilization, it prepares students to solve issues and communicate effectively in Arabic. The program also aids research in major cultural and religious texts, enhancing proficiency for further study and teaching.

No. Program Advantages
1. Fulfill the MQA requirement
2. In accordance with the current knowledge development and fulfil the industry needs and interested parties
3. Producing knowledgeable and skilled practitioner

A recognized diploma from an educational institution accredited by the University and the Government of Malaysia with a minimum CGPA of 2.70.

Attainment of at least a CGPA of 2.50 or a minimum grade of C (NGMP 2.00) in the following subjects at the STPM / KPM Matriculation / Foundation level:

    • Malay Languange / History / Geography / Malay Literature / Economics / Business Studies / Accounting / Tahfiz Al -Quran
1.Attainment of at least Arabic Studies Grade C at the SPM level
2.MUET: At least MUET Band 2
1.Obtained the MQA APEL Certification with Level 6 attainment.
2.MUET:Β  At least MUET Band 2
SemesterCode & Name CourseCategoryUnits
Semester IPPPY1262 Islamic History and Civilization (equivalent)WF/CU (C1)2
PPPY1182 Islamic AqidahWF2
PPPY1222 Da’wah MethodologyWF2
PPPY1112 Maharat al-QiraahWF2
PPPY1252 Introduction to Qira’at and HafazanWF2
PPPY1162 Fiqh Ibadat and Munakahat (equivalent)WF/CU
LMCR2222 Human RelationshipCL(C2)2
LMCR2392 Time managementCL(C4)2
Total Units16
Semester IIPPPY1122 Maharat al-Muhadathah wa al-KhatabahWF2
PPPY1172 Fiqh Muamalat and JinayatWF2
LMCW1022 Basic Entrepreneurship And InnovationCW2
LMCE1002/1012 (equivalent)WF/CU
LMCR2252 Emotional ManagementCL(C6)2
LMCR2242 Writing skillsCL(C2)2
LMCR2332 Global Ecology and DevelopmentCL(C5)2
Total Units14
Semester IIIPPPY1132 Maharat al-KitabahWF2
PPPY1192 Akhlak dan TasawufWF2
LMCW2163 Islamic Civilization and Asia CivilizationCW3
LMCW2022 Data Management and AnalyticsCW2
LMCE2012/2022 (equivalent)WF/CU (C2)2
LMCR1152 Dialogue CivilizationCL(C1)2
PPPJ1223 Islamic History and Civilization in MalaysiaWJ3
Total Units16
Semester IVPPPY1142 Maharat al-Istimac wa al-FahmWF2
LMCW2173 Ethnic relationsCW3
LMCU1422 Islamic Entrepreneurship and Gold InvestmentCL(C4)2
LMCR1692 Muslim Family InstitutionCL(C6)2
LMCR2432 Property Management SkillsCL(C4)2
PPPJ2323 History and Islamic Civilization in Southeast AsiaWJ3
Total Units14
Semester VLMCR2342 Family IssuesCL(C6)2
LMCE3011 Speech CommunicationWF1
PPPJ1123 al-Nahw wa al-Sarf 1WJ3
PPPJ1113 Islamic HistoryWJ3
PPPJ1173 Fiqh SirahWJ3
PPPJ1213 Arabic-Malay-Arabic Translation 1WJ3
PPPJ2312 Arabic Literature Texts and Islamic Civilization Studies(Nusus Arabiyyah)WJ2
Total Units17
Semester VIPPPY1282 Research Methods (equivalent)WF/CU (C3)2
PPPJ1103 Arabic Article WritingWJ3
PPPJ2303 Arabic Language KnowledgeWJ3
PPPJ1143 Arabic LexicographyWJ3
PPPJ1263 Crusade WarWJ3
Total Units14
Semester VIIPPPJ2443 Arabic-Malay-Arabic Translation IILJ3
PPPJ1203 Al-BalaghahWJ3
PPPJ3523 Balaghah al-Qur’an wa al-HadithLJ3
PPPJ2363 Islamic Civilization in Umawi and Abbasi EraLJ3
PPPJ3534 Practical TrainingWJ2
Total Units14
Semester VIIIPPPJ3623 Science and Technology in Islamic CivilizationWJ3
PPPJ2413 20th Century Islamic WorldWJ3
PPPJ2463 Islamic Politics Thinking and HistoryLJ3
PPPJ2403 Modern Arabic LiteratureWJ3
PPPJ3534 Practical TrainingWJ2
Total Units14
Grand Total121

*Nota: W = Wajib / Compulsory; P =Pilihan / Elective AU – Audit / Audit
*Subject to change

Learning Fees
FPI > Undergraduate > Study Mode: Executives
πŸ‘± Dr Adib Samsuddin
Program Coordinator, Faculty of Islamic Studies
πŸ“± +6 03 8921 5351 / +6 019 239 7478
πŸ‘±En. Ahmad Syahmie Aidid Adnan,
πŸ“±03 8927 2126 / 017 9236591

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