Bachelor of Social Science with Honors (Media Communication)​



4 Years / 8 Semester

study mode



RM19, 900


UKM Bangi


The Media Communication program is specifically designed to produce innovative, dynamic, critical, creative, and ethical graduates and professionals in generating information in mass media. Graduates from this program have the ability to compete in the media and communication industry through exposure to relevant and contemporary courses and training, as well as exposure to the latest media technologies.

No. Program Advantages
1. Fulfill the MQA requirement.
2. In accordance with the current knowledge development and fulfil the industry needs and interested parties.
3. Producing knowledgeable and skilled practitioner.
No.Course Learning Outcome
1.To demonstrate expertise systematically and in-depth in the field of communication as well as mastering research talents and methods.
2.Using the ability to produce, shape, implement and adopt a large part of the research process wisely.
3.Conducting research that provides original resources to broaden the boundaries of knowledge through studies that have been presented and defended based on international practice, and writing in publications.
4.Perform critical analysis, evaluate and synthesize new ideas.
5.Communicate with the community and the general public on the economic field.
6.Promote research results in the context of the uniqueness of social and cultural management to the knowledgeable community.

A recognized diploma from an educational institution accredited by the University and the Government of Malaysia with a minimum CGPA of 3.00.

Attainment of at least a CGPA of 3.00 or a minimum grade of C+ (NGMP 2.33) in the following subjects at the STPM / KPM Matriculation / Foundation level:

    • Malay Languange / History / Geography / Malay Literature / Economics / Business Studies / Accounting

At least MUET Band 2

1.Obtained the MQA APEL Certification with Level 6 attainment.
2.MUET: At least MUET Band 2
SemesterCode & Name Course
1SKKC1033 Pengenalan Komunikasi Media
SKKP1033 Pengantar Komunikasi Antarabudaya
SKKC1043 Penulisan Berita & Rencana
SKKC2163 Keusahawanan Media
SKKP2014 Kaedah Penyelidikan Komunikasi
SKKD2033 Media & Politik
SKKD2073 Pendapat Publik
SKKC2083 Media Global
SKKC3103 Rencana Siaran & Dokumentari
SKKP3053 Industri Komunikasi , Dasar & Undang-undang
SKKC3143 Pengenalan Organisasi Media Massa
SKKC3166 Pengurusan & Penerbitan Media.
2SKKP1043 Teori Komunikasi
SKKP2014 Kaedah Penyelidikan Komunikasi
SKKC1063 Khalayak & Wacana Media
SKKC1053 Penulisan Skrip & Apresiasi
SKKC2133 Penulisan Pendapat & Komentar
SKKP2153 Semantik Dalam Kewartawanan
SKKP2023 Statistik & Analisis Data
SKKC2073 Kewartawan Siaran
SKKC2123 Pengurusan & Penerbitan Persembahan Estatik
SKKC3206 Latihan Ilmiah
SKKC3006 Latihan Industri
Learning Fees
FSSK > Undergraduate > Study Mode: Executives
👱En. Ahmad Syahmie Aidid Adnan,
📱03 8927 2126 / 017 9236591

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