Bachelor of Software Engineering (Multimedia Systems Development) with Honours



3 Years / 6 Semester

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RM 21,500


UKM Bangi


The Computer Science program offers a scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. It is a rapidly evolving field that integrates various disciplines, including mathematics, programming, engineering, natural sciences, and linguistics. The faculty offers a flexible program with a strong foundation in computer science, providing students with the desired skills to solve problems and create future technologies as computer scientists.

No. Course Learning Outcome
1. Fulfill the MQA requirement.
2. In accordance with the current knowledge development and fulfil the industry needs and interested parties.
3. Producing knowledgeable and skilled practitioner.
SemesterCode & Name CourseCategoryUnits
Semester ILMCK1331 Effective CommunicationC21
LMCK1421 Critical Thinking & Problem SolvingC31
TTTT1013  System Concept & ThinkingC53
TTTT1713 Statistic & ProbabilityC33
TTTK1114 Computer ProgrammingWP4
TTTR1333 Discret MathematicWP3
TTTM2033 Platform TechnologyWP3
Total Units18
Semester IILMCEWF/C22
LMCW1022 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and InnovationCW2
LMCK1531 Leadership & CreativityC41
LMCK2711 Environmental ResponsibilityC51
TTTT1022 Data analysisCW2
TTTT1964 DatabaseWP 4
TTTK1143 Program Design and Problem SolvingWP3
TTTH2843 Multimedia ProgrammingWP3
Total Units18
Short SemestersTTTK2323 Mobile ProgrammingElektif3

TTTT1964 Database(*)

*For students who don’t have database background

Total Units6
Semester IIILMCW2173 Ethnic relationshipCW3
LMCE1022 Workplace CommunicationC22
TTTU2983 Advanced DatabasesWP3
TTTH3623 3D ModellingElektif3
Total Units11
Semester IV LMCW1022 Basic Entrepreneurship and InnovationCW2
TTTP2543 Web ProgrammingWP3
TTTH2304 Software Design for Multimedia SystemsWP4
TTTH3813 Visual RealityElektif3
Total Units12
Short SemestersTTTT4056 Industrial TrainingWP6
LMCE3011 Speech CommunicationCitra1
Total Units7
Semester VTTTT1022 Data AbalysisCW2
LMC — 2 Citra CourseC1-C62
TTTK4072 Project ProposalWP2
TTTH3404 Software Development for Multimedia Systems
TTTE3503 Software TestingWP3
Total Units12
Semester VITTTT3013 Computers, Ethics and SocialC13
TTTK4086 ProjectWP6
TTTE4333 Software Management and MaintenanceWP3
Total Units12
Short SemestersTTTT4076 Industrial ProjectWP6
Total Units6
Semester VII**TTTT4056 Industrial TrainingWP6
**TTTT4076 Industrial ProjectWP6
** Students are required to undergo industrial training in the semester 7 if they are not working in the ICT sector.
Total Units12

A recognized diploma from an educational institution accredited by the University and the Government of Malaysia with a minimum CGPA of 2.50.

Obtained at least a CGPA of 2.50 at the STPM / KPM Matriculation / Foundation level.


Obtained at least Grade C (NGMP 2.00) at STPM / KPM Matriculation / Foundation level in any two (2) of the following subjects:

    • Biology
    • Physics / Engineering Physics
    • Chemistry / Engineering Chemistry
    • Information and Communications Technology / Computer Science / Programming / Computing
    • Mathematics / Mathematics M / Mathematics T

At least MUET Band 3

1.Obtained the MQA APEL Certification with Level 6 attainment
2.MUET: At least MUET Band 3
Learning Fees
FTSM > Undergraduate > Study Mode: Executives
👱 Dr Siti Fadzilah Mat Nor
Program Coordinator, Faculty of Information Science  and Technology
📱 +6 03 8921 6673 / +6 019 756 0436
👱En. Ahmad Syahmie Aidid Adnan,
📱03 8927 2126 / 017 9236591

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