Centre for Research in Psychology and Human Well-Being


Motto, Vision, Mission and Philosophy

Centre for Research in Psychology and Human Well-Being aims to focus research on cognitive processes, human behavior, and a society that can be objectively measured and observed. The scientific study of human behavior elements enhanced with the study of the philosophy of human development, to produce a study on the thought and behavior of humans digest scientific psychology knowledge with knowledge of the philosophy of human development.
Centre for Research in Psychology and Human Well-Being are committed to explore, build and develop education and research in areas related to human behavior with the purpose of end to help empower human potential and nourish the well-being of mankind in the life of a job.
The goal 
  1. Provides professional education in psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate level to provide competent scientist-practitioners in handling human behavior.
  2. Develop highly skilled graduates in psychology-oriented research for moving exploration of psychological knowledge and human development studies as a continuation of the global tradition while expanding our knowledge of human psychology and the development of technology.
  3. Providing skilled graduates in administration, develop and expand human behavior and cognize in the family, and community with the aim of improving the quality of life and end of productivity.
  4. To produce graduates who are skilled to carry out social work and humanitarian assistance as well as generating creative human service to human well-being needs to be careful.
  5. Preparing future graduates can produce and apply the information communication and technology to translate the potential human mind into the human form of machinery and equipment as well as develop a conducive working environment in accordance with the vision of creating an industrial nation.