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Introduction to Human Development

Humans are agents of change and development. The ability to perform this function is subject to the quality, suitability, and balance between knowledge, skills and morals, and spirituality that he possesses. Without it, even if a society has a highly educated population and experts in certain fields but society will continue to face social crises such as corruption, abuse of power, oppression of individual and group rights, and all kinds of crimes that cause social unrest. The program focuses on three main elements namely Islamic Psycho-spiritual, family well-being, youth development & spirituality, human resource development, ergonomics in the workplace, labor market studies, and national policy as well as safety in the workplace.

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MPhil & PhD

The Human Development program offers only a Master's Degree (MA) and Doctorate Degree (PhD) levels. The goal of these programs is to develop academic researchers who have prior research or professional experiences to conduct research concerning different disciplines of human development.


The first issue of iSejahtera was released according to a specific theme known as Stress Management. The first edition is in the process of being published as an edited book under UKM Publishers. The publication of the 2nd and subsequent digital magazines for iSejahtera is with an independent theme to enable researchers and academicians to provide input in their respective fields of expertise independently according to current topics and needs for the well-being of human beings in the local and global arena.


PsiTra is committed to demonstrable a high impact research culture via excellent research that makes to scientific advances, across and within social sciences and humanities area of studies, including significant advances in understanding, method, theory, and application.

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Alumni-Doctor of Philosophy in Human Development, Dr Siti Hajar Kamaruddin (academic staff at UMT)