Child Developmental Laboratory

Child Developmental Laboratory

The Child Development Laboratory is one of the laboratories at PsiTra. It provides facilities for students at PsiTra, especially those related to Developmental Psychology, as a lab for research and observation. The lab is equipped with facilities for children and infants, such as toys and storybooks. The room is very comfortable for children to engage in activities due to its spaciousness, air conditioning, and attractive colors. What’s interesting is that the toys in this lab have been donated by PsiTra students, showcasing their creative and innovative efforts using recycled materials. Although this lab is more focused on Developmental Psychology students, it is also open to other students according to the activities that they want to conduct.


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You are required to book if want to use the facilities at PsiTra. For any assistance, kindly contact our officers and they will guide you on your reservation.

We advised that you consult with our officers first, before proceed with any bookings.

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Children Developmental Lab

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Block E Level 2
Child Developmental Laboratory
Centre for Research in Psychology and Human Well-Being

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
The National University of Malaysia

Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 4:30 pm

*Please make sure that users book first before use.
03-8921 5205
Officers Incharge:
  • Puan Saifuranazzatul Sasnizawati Saad
  • Puan Norehan Jamaluddin