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The discipline of Psychology at the National University of Malaysia began with a few courses in the Anthropology and Sociology Department, followed by the formation of the Department of Psychology in 1979. Simultaneously, a psychology-oriented program was also offered by the Faculty of Development Science. When the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities was restructured, the two programs were combined under a single psychology-oriented program in this school.

Centre for Research in Psychology and Human Well-Being (PsiTra) is dedicated in exploring processes and human activities, encompassing not just individual behavior but also the intricate dynamics of human behavior concerning the physical world and interactions with others as the focal point of analysis. The scientific examination of human behavior is enriched by the inclusion of philosophical inquiries into humanity and development. The goal is to create a comprehensive study of human thought and behavior that seamlessly integrates the scientific insights of psychology with the wisdom derived from the philosophy of human development.

Welcome to Centre for Research in Psychology and Human Well-Being

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Aims to be pioneer in research focusing on human intelect and emotion to achieve well-being through scientific research empowered by philosophy, knowledge, psychological theories and humanities.


Committed to research and advancing understanding in the realms of human intelect, behaviour and emotion, with the purpose of empowering human potential and enhance overall well-being.