Areas of Research and Activities of PPMAM

Areas of research

  • The research into manuscripts of the Malay world includes but is not limited to these fields:
  • Science and technology of the Malay world
  • Medicine (Kitab Tibb)
  • Language, Linguistic and Culture of the Malay world
  • Historical literature of the Malay world
  • Malay Hikayat genre of writings
  • Religious based genre of writings which includes philosophy, creed, law, commentaries on the Qur’an, Prophetic traditions and reports, ethics, spirituality (tasawwuf), Arabic morphology and syntax, etc.
  • Art which includes architecture, martial arts, aesthetics, wood carving etc.
  • Letters of the Malay Kings
  • Illuminated manuscripts
  • Poetry of traditional Malay


  1. A series of Talks (Wacana)
  2. Workshops on research
  3. Transliteration training
  4. Publication of research findings
  5. Field work
  6. Digitization and documentation of Malay Manuscripts
  7. Development of resource centre
  8. Paperwork and Souvenirs