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Pusat Pengajian Citra Universiti (School of Liberal Studies)


Our History

Wisdom To Empower


School of Liberal Studies (Citra UKM) was inaugurated on 10th July 2013 to replace the Centre for General Studies in response to the Ministry of Higher Education’s need for higher education institutions in Malaysia to provide more focus on liberal and multidisciplinary education across all programs of studies.

The restructuring of UKM Liberal Education was initiated following the decision by the University Management Meeting (MPU) no.7/2012 dated 3rd of April 2012 to form a special committee to revise the general studies offered in UKM.

The Steering Committee for Empowerment of UKM Liberal Education was formed on 18th of October 2012 chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International Affairs) at that time, YBhg. Prof. Datuk Dr. Noor Azlan Ghazali.

The committee comprised of Faculty Deans as well as Directors from the Centre for General Studies, Centre for Academic Management, Centre for Learning Accreditation and Centre for Entrepreneurship and SME Development.


By the end of October 2012, a task force was set up with the Centre for General Studies as secretariat to assist the steering committee.

The objective of School of Liberal Studies (Citra UKM) establishment is befitting the National Higher Education Strategic Plan and the National Education Philosophy (Item 1.02):

In line with the second thrust of the National Mission, the country needs to produce human capital with a first-class mindset to face challenges in economic development based on knowledge and innovation. The development of human capital should be equipped with vast knowledge, skills and personal values. Corresponding with the aspired human capital objective, the National Higher Education Strategic Plan was forged with a vision to transform higher education in the context of making Malaysia the hub for international higher education excellence. This transformation is fundamental for the glory and sustainability of higher education beyond the year 2020.

Therefore, in line with the vision, mission and objective of UKM liberal education, Citra UKM aspires to produce holistic graduates with UKM identity through shaping the mind and building the character approach. Citra UKM is able to fulfil the market demand by developing creative, innovative human capital that masters both knowledge and soft skills in facing challenges and compete in the real world.