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As a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Study student, I had the privilege of choosing between a 2-year university, 2-year industry (2u2i) or a 3-year university, 1-year industry (3u1i) module and I personally opted for the 1-year attachment at Maybank Head Office. I must admit, it has been such an eye-opening journey. I have gained extensive knowledge and skills that I could directly relate to what I had learned at the university. This programme has truly paved the way for my personal and professional growth. Not only have I gained invaluable skills and knowledge, but I have also forged lifelong connections and built a solid foundation for my career. The trust that the industry placed in me as a young professional speaks volumes about their commitment to nurturing talent. I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have been given and the growth I have experienced through this programme. Thank you CITRA, thank you UKM

Mariam Employee Engagement & Internal Communications, Group Human Capital

If you are someone with multiple interests, I believe CITRA is the best course for you! Being in CITRA has given me the opportunity to mature and challenge myself as I decide on 2 different fields that would be my degree foreground. I am able to recognize and refine my strengths while improving on inadequate areas. The work-based learning approach is undoubtedly effective for my evolvement in future career aspects. Furthermore, I get to acquire work experiences in the industry, as well as utilizing the skills I have learned from the university even before graduating. This would surely contribute in raising my probability of attaining a full-time position. Both lecturers and seniors in CITRA have been wonderful supports in providing guidance and advice throughout my journey in university since the beginning. I am grateful to be a part of the CITRA family and I know you will too!

Adriana Samuel KellyOCG Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

Being in CITRA has been a transformative experience. I pursued my passions in Psychology while exploring diverse fields like Gender, Sexuality and Media Studies. The program granted me the freedom to delve into these subjects and broaden my understanding of societal dynamics. Beyond the classroom, I had invaluable experiences, including a mobility program at two universities, where I networked with expert academics, and an internship with a United Nations agency, exposing me to the real-world impact of social policies. This program not only expanded my knowledge but also provided profound self-discovery. It reaffirmed my dedication to Social Psychology, fuelling my pursuit of an academic career in the field. CITRA’s emphasis on exploration, interdisciplinary learning, and hands-on experiences has empowered me to develop a unique perspective. The sky is truly the limit in this program. All you need is a burning desire to learn and the courage to dream.

Aishah Mutmainnah Khairul Annuar NIL

One of the first things to consider when applying for this programme is to know and understand what you’re passionate about and what to achieve in the next 5 years, which is realistically challenging. However, the exposure and environment experienced has allowed me to discover my interest and potential. CITRA gave me access to necessary knowledge based on the concentration of choice and adopt soft skills which are a demand in the working world. What I liked about this course is the work-based-learning program. It really focuses on students’ professional development through the exposure of on-work tasks, and an actual project that could help the company’s development. Therefore, I believe that CITRA can provide a whole new educational approach for future students.

Siti Ruqaiyah binti Morshidi NIL

Being able to mix and match your own courses without knowing exactly what you want can actually be a challenge. But the ability to do so, made me figure out a future pathway that could cater to both my strength and passion. And with me being in CITRA, I got to learn exactly what I needed to, to be where I am today. The skills that I learnt in CITRA became a strong foundation to what I needed to excel my work-based-learning process which later on made me manage to land a good job in a good company. And with that as a stepping stone, I am also grateful to not only be able to secure a promising future, I also gained a lot of other necessary skills by being in a workforce environment at an earlier stage in my life.

Hijazida Hamdan Durioo Sdn. Bhd.

SmS Citra provided many excellent experiences over my four years at UKM. The flexible study structure has given me the ability to organize my own curriculum and concentration in numerous sectors, and finally make those fields align with my passion and the current market needs. Challenges in the real working environment have a great impact especially on fresh graduates. Most companies and industries focus on the marketability of graduates and employees who are flexible and have a level of creative and critical thinking. The skills and experiences obtained during my undergraduate days has expanded my professional options, and I am now a public and corporate relations executive at a social and corporate organization.

Fauzhan Naim Public & Corporate Relations Executive MyFundAction (Yayasan Kebajikan Muslim Malaysia)

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