2nd MyPSA National Pharmacy Competition (NPC) 2022

2nd MyPSA National Pharmacy Competition (NPC) 2022 is a national event organised under the Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association (MyPSA) which involves participants from 20 pharmacy schools all over Malaysia. The 2nd MyPSA NPC was held on the dates from the 2nd of April 2022 until the 17th of April 2022. The theme for this year was “Refining Excellence: Reaching Beyond Boundaries”, and the Pharmaceutical Society of AIMST (PharmSA) and Cyberjaya University Pharmacy Students’ Society (CUPSS) were selected as the organisers. The event’s goal is to provide participants with a platform to compete against each other based on their expertise such as compounding and type of diseases. Not only that, but the participants will have the opportunity to improve their confidence during the presentation and will be able to analyse various case studies that may come up in their professional lives. Most importantly, participants will be able to build their ties with other university schools.

The registration period for the 2nd MyPSA National Pharmacy Competition (NPC) 2022 was from the 21st of February 2022 until the 6th of March 2022 for Phase 1 and from the 7th of March 2022 until the 13th of March 2022 for Phase 2. There are three challenges under NPC 2022, namely the Clinical Pharmacy Challenge (CC), Piala Aishah Compounding Challenge (PA), and Pharmacy Quiz Challenge (QC). Each of the challenges consists of different rules and regulations and the participants can participate in the challenges which they have expertise. Each of the challenges consists of three sessions, which are the preliminary round, semi-final round, and final round. Judges from various pharmacy schools, such as USM and UiTM, were invited to each of the challenges to ensure that the competition was fair and professional. Besides that, the committee had live streamed the whole competition session on the official Facebook page, and other students can watch the live session to enhance their knowledge and support their school members. 

The winners of each competition were determined after two weeks of the competition. In the Clinical Pharmacy Challenge, Taylor’s team took the first and second place, followed by IMU’s team. Besides that, the first place for the Piala Aishah Compounding Challenge (PA) was dropped on a team from Taylor’s University, and the first runner up and second runner up were from USM. The last challenge, the Pharmacy Quiz Challenge, was won by the team from IMU, with the team from Taylor’s coming in second and the team from UOC coming in third.

The closing ceremony was held on the 17th of April 2022 for the announcement of the winners from each of the challenges. The big clap was given to Taylor’s University, which won most of the competition. Every participant had a great time at this competition, even though some of them did not win a medal. However, failure teaches success and all of us have a chance again to compete in next year’s! All in all, the event brought a lot of benefits and it was a memorable experience for all pharmacy students. Hope more of the participants will join NPC next year and give us an amazing competition.

Written by: Tan Yi Tat