Marketing skills are doubt one of the biggest skills a person can acquire, especially when one is equipped in the business world. Though not exactly a core value that is highlighted in our field of study, Jati Sales Training aims to enhance this skill for future use of our dear pharmacy students, producing highly intellectual students with a wide skill set in numerous areas. 

Held on the 10th of May 2024, 29 students gathered together in Lecture Hall 4 at UKM Kuala Lumpur Campus to attend the yearly awaited event organised by the JATI-UKM together with the Faculty of Pharmacy Student Association (PMFFar). The programme is then divided into two main activities: a lecture and an interactive session. 

The lecture with the topic: “Tips and Tricks on Sales and Marketing” was delivered by a Duopharma representative, Encik Ahmad Yani bin Ismai, Head of Event and Promotion and Brand Manager of Duopharma. This session allows students to increase their understanding on the topic while also learning the ins and outs of the business world. 

The next session is an interactive session where students are grouped into 4-5 people where they are required to produce a promotional video on a specific product. This session which is also integrated into a competition allows students to express themselves creatively and receive prizes for their efforts. 

As the new world continues to evolve, the requirement of new knowledge outside our field of study is inevitable, programmes like these help students prepare themselves for the working world. All in all, the eventful sharing received great feedback from the students, providing them an invaluable experience with an abundance of new knowledge worth years to come. 

Written by: Melisa Iman