7th MyPSA NPRC 2024

The 2024 National Pharmacy Research Competition (NPRC), hosted by the Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association (MyPSA), was a vibrant showcase of talent and innovation from March 23rd to 31st March 2024. This hybrid event featured both online and physical components, with the main event held at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Kampus Kuala Lumpur.

Kicking off the festivities was the Young Researchers and Advanced Level Webinar held online via Zoom on March 23rd. This prelude to the main event featured a medley of activities, including insightful sharing sessions, engaging mentor-mentee interactions, and a thrilling quiz session, setting the tone for what’s to come. 

Then, on March 30th, the spotlight shifted to the virtual arena for the Young Researchers Challenge (YRC), where in a group of four to five people, participants were required to deliver impressive presentations before engaging in dynamic Q&A sessions. Kudos to our UKM representative Nur Alisya Syazwani and her team from Group Five for presenting a standout proposal titled “The Impact Of Healthcare Provider Workload On The Incidence Of Medication Errors.” You guys rocked it!

The excitement doesn’t end there. As the sun climbs higher in the sky, the event then switched gears to the physical realm of Preliminary Round Category A & B. Armed with their posters showcased in the exhibition area, contestants delivered a concise 5-minute summary of their research work to the discerning judges, followed by a probing 5-minute Q&A session. The stakes are high as only the top 5 finalists from each category will advance to the Final Round. 

On March 31st, Day 2 of the physical event commenced with the Final Round for categories A and B, followed by the research proposal presentations for Category C. This whirlwind of presentations demonstrated the ingenuity and dedication of the participants, culminating in an exciting conclusion to the competition.

The pride of UKM Tan Kai Sin and Tee Hung Piao, both managed to secure second and third places in their respective categories. However, the MVP of the competition emerged from the University of Cyberjaya, Selangor, who claimed first place and was honored as the best presenter across categories A and B. In Category C, Naim Haafizal from Universiti Teknologi Mara emerged victorious, showcasing outstanding research prowess.

As the curtains close on the 2024 NPRC, we celebrate the accomplishments of all participants who contributed to advancing pharmaceutical research. Through collaboration and innovation, these budding scientists have laid the foundation for future breakthroughs in healthcare. In the words of Albert Einstein, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Let this experience propel us towards greater discoveries and contributions in the field of pharmacy. Congratulations to all participants, and may your research journey continue to inspire and enlighten!

Written by: Nurul Ain Binti Azmi