Bengkel Pharmaline

The annually held Pharmaline workshop is an event organised with the aim to increase participants’ writing skills and knowledge of digital designing. This year’s workshop was held online on the 18th of December 2021 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. through Microsoft Teams. 

An opening speech was given by Pharmaline’s Head Editor, Thian Qi Xian where he expresses his hopes for the workshop and what participants can achieve through the workshop. The first half of the workshop was given by Mr. Fahmi Bin Hassan on article writing. Through the article writing workshop, he shares valuable tips for pharmacy students who want to start writing articles on current issues to help educate the public. Other than that, he explained the different styles of writing that can be used when writing articles for different platforms. The first session ended with a photography session and Q & A slot, where Mr. Fahmi answers the participants’ queries. 

Next, the Adobe Illustrator workshop was given by Mr. Amirul Faiz Bin Abdul Razak where he explains about Adobe Illustrator and how to use it. Through the workshop, participants were able to get a hands-on experience of Adobe Illustrator where they were actively participating with Mr. Amirul while the workshop was being held. After a Q & A session, the participants smiled brightly for the photography session. The workshop was a truly engaging learning experience, where participants were able to gain a lot of knowledge. 

Written by: Alis Ellyssa Binti Abdul Jamil