PharmUpdate : Interaction Day 2012/2013 1

By Nurul Hanani Musa

Interaction Day was held on 13th October 2012 and organized by the 2nd year Pharmacy students. The theme this year is “Membudayakan Sukan Tradisi Diwarisi” and the objectives are mostly to instill and promote good values among the students and participants. The students, staffs and lecturers were divided into four houses, Tartrazine, Amaranth, Indigo and Chlorophyll.


The day started with an aerobic exercise by the 1st year students. The opening ceremony then began with a choir performance by them. Later, a speech was given by the chairman of the Interaction Day, Muhamad Syafiq Basyar b. Md Som followed by the speech from our beloved Dean, Prof. Ibrahim bin Jantan.

Following the theme this year, traditional games such as “baling selipar”, “boling kelapa” and “kapal terbang” were being played. Other games like futsal and netball were also included. The staffs and lecturers joined the fun and showed great sportsmanship. Dean, for instance, participated in the futsal game with the students. There was a colouring contest held for children below 6 years old.

The closing ceremony was held in the Dewan Serbaguna, KTSN. It started with a theatre performance of “Puteri Gunung Ledang” by the 1st year students followed by a “lucky draw” session. Prizes were prepared and given to both the winners of “lucky draw” and games. Overall, the Indigo house was announced as the champion for this year Interaction day and followed by uproar and cheers from the members of Indigo house. The day ended with a success and undoubtedly, it will become one of the most memorable days in our life. Will the Indigo house uphold their champion status next year? Let’s meet next year to find out!12

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