Speak with confidence workshop

On 9th of March 2019, the ‘Speak With Confidence Workshop’ was organised by Persatuan Mahasiswa Fakulti Farmasi (PMFfar) UKM. Students were exposed to a series of activities and a lively talk by Dr. Adliah, who is the deputy dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

At Lecture Hall 2 of UKM campus Kuala Lumpur, the workshop started at 9:00am. Participants were given bread as breakfast while waiting for the speaker to arrive.

The workshop aimed to boost students’ confidence in speaking. According to Dr. Adliah, employees nowadays are not able to speak confidently even with a lot of useful knowledge. It’s such a shame that they are unable stand out from others.

During the talk, Dr. Adliah suggested that the students should record themselves speaking and compare themselves with other speakers. They could also ask someone who does not know them well to evaluate them. However, instead of looking into the eyes’ of the person they talk to, she suggested looking at the bridge of the nose of the person as this could reduce the feeling of nervousness. Then, she called up students to demonstrate the various ways of greeting people in different situations.

After the talk, there were games for the participants which were related to speaking, such as the continuous story game, impromptu game, and charades. The participants had fun and at the same time learnt a lot of useful tips throughout the game session.

The workshop ended at 1:00pm.

Written by:

Tan Chiaw Wen