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Plenary Speaker of International Scientific Conference of Pharmaceutical Science (ICPS) 2023

Mr Leonard Ariff Abdul Shatar, Adjunct Professor of Faculty of Pharmacy UKM was invited as the keynote speaker at the International Scientific Conference of Pharmaceutical Science (ICPS) 2023 which was conducted in Zecon Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on the 7-8th March 2023. In his presentation, titled “Surviving Post Pandemic and Beyond”, he shared some of his personal insights on the effects of COVID-19 pandemic to the economy locally and worldwide, specifically in the pharma industries. He also touched on the growth of digitalization due to the pandemic. Movement restrictions during the pandemic has resulted in an increase in various digital tools, platforms, applications and solutions. This had somehow affected the industries and organisations too, whereby they had to adapt with the digitalization to keep moving forward. Apart from that, Mr Leonard also highlighted the biggest effect of this COVID-19 pandemic which is experienced by each individual – the social impacts. Loss of loved ones due to the pandemic, restricted movements, related stress and tension, loss of jobs has impacted the livelihood and financial state of the household. All in all, the speech delivered during the conference has wonderfully outlined a series of events that happened during the COVID-19 pandemic and its wisdom for us to learn from. Thank you Mr Leonard for spending your time with us and sharing your insights!