Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

 Fostering Critical Thinking and Creativity

Deanery Office

Mr. Abdul Rahim Othman

Job Scope : Academic Staff Promotion, Academic Staff Reappointment, Study Leave, Sabbatical Leave, Leave Management

Mr. Mohamad Nashrique Hamid

Job Scope : Facility and Technical Management, Networking Administration

Mr. Mohd Mazlan Mat Sout

Job Scope : Facility Management, Technical and Networking Access

Mr. Suhazlee Suatau

Job Scope : Technical and Network Administration

Mr. Muhammad Nabil Najmi Razali

Job Scope : Technical and Network Administration

Mrs. Suriani Mohd Lahuri

Job Scope : Financial Management, Infrastructure, Medical, Part Time Lecturer, Guarantee Letter (GL)

Mrs. Dalita Binti Hop

Job Scope : Financial Research, Rental Photocopy Machine, Infrastructure

Mrs. Norsaeidah Zulkefle

Job ScopeĀ : Secretary to the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

Mrs. Rinie Ab. Raman

Job Scope : Secretary to Senior Principal Assistant Registrar

Mrs. Norzaliza Binti Zainal Abidin

Job Scope : Asset Management, Space Rental , Financial (Management), Infrastructure

Mrs. Norpisah Mohd Ismail

Job Scope : Life - Long Distance Learning Programmes Management

Mr. Nurulazam Roslan

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Job Scope : Designer

Mr. Mohd Razali Md Razi

Job Scope : Filing and Records Management, Facility, Safety and Technical Management.