Principal Associate Fellow


Line of Expertise: Consumer behaviour on contemporary Science and Technology issues, Bioethics


Doctor of Philisophy (Environmental Mangement: Science in Society),  Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Master of Science (Genetics), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Bachelor of Science (Hons)(Biochemistry), University of Malaya

Current Position: Lecturer

Office No.: 03-8921 6244




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Research Based Books

  1. Kok Kean Hin, Ruhizan Mohammad Yasin, Latifah Amin. Bioteknologi dan Pendekatan Interdisiplin STEM. 2020. Penerbit UKM. 219p.
  2. Siti Fairuz Sujak & Latifah Amin. 2017. Bioteknologi Moden Tumbuhan Menurut Perspektif Islam. Penerbit UKM. 216p.
  3. Hasrizul Hashim & Latifah Amin. 2017. Biobank, Sel Stem dan Masyarakat. Penerbit UKM.
  4. Nur Syarizad Rusly & Latifah Amin. 2016. Biokeselamatan dan Masyarakat Malaysia. Penerbit UKM


Chapters in book

  1. Latifah Amin & Hasrizul Hashim. 2016. Understanding the factors influencing attitudes toward genetically modified rice. Dlm Watson R.R. & Preedy, V.R. (Eds) Genetically modified organisms in food: production, safety, regulation and public health. pp. 75-85. Elsevier: London.
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Grant sources





1. A Survey for Food Experts and Opinion Leaders on Risks and Benefits of

Intense Sweeteners








International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Southeast Asia





Project Leader






2. Promoting Bioethic Awareness and Education



Regional Unit for Social and Human Sciences in Asia and the Pacific (RUSHSAP)

UNESCO, Bangkok


Project Leader






1. Indicators for Ethical Assessment of Modern Biotechnology Applications in Malaysia. FRGS/1/2017/SSI12/UKM/01/1

15/08/2017 -14/08/2020

Ministry of Higher Education (FRGS)



Project Leader

2. Development of an Ethics Framework for Gene Technology in Malaysia


16/12/2013 -31/11/2016

Ministry of Higher Education (FRGS)



Project Leader

3. Investigating the Factors that Contribute to the Controversy Surrounding Public Acceptance of the Release of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in Malaysia.


15/6/2013 -15/6/2016

Ministry of Higher Education (ERGS)


Project Leader

4. Penerimaan Masyarakat dan Agama terhadap Sains dan Teknologi di Malaysia





Ministry of Higher Education (COE)



Project Leader

5. Development of policy framework for compostable plastic bags in Malaysia


Ministry of Higher Education (FRGS)


Associate Researcher

6. Pembinaan Modul Hukum Produk Bioteknologi Moden Bagi Hub Halal Jakim Menurut Kerangka Maqasid Shariyyah

16/12/2013 – 16/11/2015

Ministry of Higher Education (FRGS)


Associate Researcher








1. Self-Sufficiency And Resiliency In The Malaysian Biotechnology Sector




Geran Cabaran Perdana


Program Leader

2. Modelling Successful Technology Transfer From Research To Industry In The Malaysian Agro-Biotechnology Sector. DCP-2017-005/2


Geran Cabaran Perdana


Project Leader

3. Awareness and Acceptance of Medical Biotechnology Among the Malaysian Public.. STEM-2014-005.

10/11/2014 -9/11/2016

STEM Grant



Project Leader.

4. Exploration of Values, Social and Legal Aspects of Current Development in Science and  Technology. DPP-2014-088.

01/04/2014 – 31/03/2015

Research University’s Grant



Project Leader.

11. Islamic Environmental Ethics: Addressing The Phenomenon Of Consumer Culture In Malaysia


1/11/2013 until 31/10/2015

Research University Mega Project


Associate Researcher

12.Transformasi Tingkah Laku Melayu Islam ke arah Kelestarian Alam Sekitar berasaskan Nilai Islam. TD-2014-010.

01/11/2014 – 31/10/2016.

Top Down Grant



Associate Researcher.


RHRH6012Peradaban Islam

LMCR 3353 Bioteknologi dan Masyarakat

LMCP1572 Bioetika untuk Kesejahteraan Masyarakat



Student Year  Level Thesis title Status




1.Dr. Md Abul Kalam Azad

 2012-   2014


Post-doctoral Study on modeling of public acceptance of GM foods and food safety issues. Completed
2.Dr. Angelina Patrick Olesson 2015-2019 Post-doctoral Research misconduct in Malaysia Completed 1st,2nd, 3rd and 4th term.
3. Ahmad Firdaus Arham 2019 PhD Faktor Peramal Sikap Masyarakat Awam Ke Atas Kaedah Pencegahan Dan Pengawalan Denggi Di Malaysia Graduated 2019
4.Kok Kean Hin 2018 Phd Keberkesanan Modul Interdisiplin STEM dalam Peningkatan Pencapaian dan Penerapan Kema hiran Abad ke-21 untuk Pengajaran Bioteknologi Subjek Sains Tambahan Sekolah Menengah Graduated in 2019
5.Goh Hong Lip 2017 PhD by Research Malaysian Consumer Preference On Genetically Modified Food: The Case Of Klang Valley Urban Area Graduated 2017
6. Muhamad Adzran Mustafa 2019 Masters by Research Faktor Peramal Tindakan Niat terhadap Bioteknologi Perubatan Graduated in 2019
7. Nur Asmadayana Hasim 2019 Masters by Research Kerangkan Etika Bioteknologi Moden di Malaysia Graduated in 2019
8. Norkhazzaina Binti Salahuddin 2015 PhD by Research & Coursework Modelling of Attitude and Behavioural Intention of Muslim Consumers to Genetically Modified Foods. Graduated

9. Mohd Izhar Ariff  Mohd Kassim


2013 PhD by Research

Penentuan Hukum Makanan Ubahsuai Genetik Berasaskan Haiwan (Determination of the Legal Status of Genetically Modified Food from Animal Sources).



Graduated 2013
10. Rani Ann A/P Balaraman 2014 PhD by Research Kewartawanan Warga dalam Talian: Evolusi, Peranan dan Kerelevanan dalam Penyampaian Maklumat kepada Netizen Malaysia Graduated 2014.
11. Nur Liyana Ahmad Rezali 2013 Masters by Research

Liputan Berita Bioteknologi; Analisis kandungan dalam Empat Akhbar Arus Perdana

(News Coverage on

Biotechnology: An analysis  on Four Malaysian Mainstream Newspapers)

Graduated 2013.
12. Nor Ayuni Ahmad Azlan 2012 Masters by  Research

Persepsi Masyarakat Malaysia terhadap Aspek Etika Tanaman Di ubahsuai Genetik

(Malaysian Perception towards the Ethical Aspects of Genetically Modified Crops)

Graduated 2012
13. Siti Fairuz Sujak 2012 Masters by Research

Bioteknologi Moden dalam Tumbuhan Menurut Perspektif Islam

(Modern Plant Biotechnology from the Islamic

Graduated 2012

14. Noor Sharizad Binti Rusly


2014 Masters by Research Stakeholder’s Attitude Towards Malaysian Biosafety Regulations In Biotechnology  Graduated 2014.

15.Hasrizul Bin Hashim


2015 Masters by Research Assessment Of Public Attitude Towards Modern Biotechnology Applications/Products In The Klang Valley Region Graduated

16. Mohd Fadhli Bin Hamdan


2015 Masters by Research A Content Analysis of Genetically Modified  Food-related Journal Articles Graduated



1. . Ahmad Fazil Ellias 2019/2020 PhD Pembangunan Garis Panduan Etika Bioteknologi Moden Di Malaysia In progress
2. Mohamed Faizal Noor Batcha 2019/2020 PhD Factors influencing successful Technology Adoption in Malaysia In progress
3. Nur Asmadayana Hasim 2019/2020 Phd Pembangunan etika bioteknologi moden di Malaysia In progress
4.Norsharizad Rusly 2019/202 PhD Faktor peramal sikap terhadap teknik pencegahan denggi Passed viva
5. Paveanthen Ramachandran 2018/2020 Masters by research Factors influencing successful Technology Trasfer in Malaysia In progress
6. Emirul Adzhar Yahya 2019/220 Masters by research Policy framework for biodegradble plastic In progress