Laser Particle Size Analyzer (LPSA)

Brand : Horiba
Model : LA-960V2
Measurement Ranges :

  • 10 nm – 5000 μm (Wet Mode)
  • 100 nm – 5000 μm (Dry Mode)
  • 9 – 1000 μm (Particle Imaging)

Laser diffraction particle size analyzers are used to measure the sizes of particles in both powder and liquid conditions. Particle size is calculated by measuring the angle of light scattered by the particles as they pass through a laser beam. Laser diffraction analyzers are used in many applications, including manufacturing, quality control and product development. Because this technique can continuously measure particle sizes across a wide range, from 10 nm to 5 mm, laser diffraction particle size analyzers are often used in industrial settings.

This laser diffraction PSA also equipped with the imaging unit which allows real-time observation, particle image acquisition, and assessment of the particles in the wet circulation system. It is small and integrated in the main unit without increasing instrument footprint.


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