Department of Civil Engineering


Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel (AP) advises the department on its teaching and research programs, particularly with regard to their relevance to local and international industry needs.

The panel intends to contribute to the formulation of the objectives of the department and to assist in their achievement. Our main role is to provide an external industry perspective on the functions and operations of the department, teaching and research centres with the aim of ensuring that they are:

  • Assess and validate the curriculum so it meets the needs of industry and government objectives for Civil Engineering graduates
  • Periodically review and assess program educational objectives and its outcomes.
  • Evaluate program outcomes and formulate recommendations for the improvement of curriculum, laboratories, equipment, and other program resources.
  • Consistent with changes in technology and the use of technology in local industry
  • Promote research in areas that are critical to the profession, the development of the nation.

The work of the AP focuses on the department programme’s issues, directions, future, and how they impact and are impacted by the industry. Meetings are structured somewhat like a brainstorming session. Presentations by Head department and staff provide an overview of various topics and are followed by break-out sessions designed to generate ideas and action items. The AP shall hold its regular meetings twice each year.

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