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Entry Requirements

Students who apply for an undergraduate degree programme in UKM should fulfill the University general requirements and special requirements according to respective faculties.

Qualifications that students may use to enter the university are as follows:

i.  Higher School Certificate (HSC)
ii.  Matriculation Certificate under Ministry of Education Malaysia
iii. Qualifications equivalent to HSC/GCE “A” levels/Diploma from University/Institution recognised by the Malaysia Government and the University Board
iv.  Islamic Higher Certificate (STAM); and
v.  Malaysian Certificate Education (SPM) with at least 5 years working experience in the relevant field. Candidate entering university using this qualification will be classified as second channel students.

The University General Requirements are as follows:

i. Passed the Malaysian Certificate Education (SPM)
ii. Passed with credit in Bahasa Melayu/Malay Language at SPM level.
iii. Sat for Malaysian University English Test (MUET)

The applicants using the HSC qualification must also satisfy the following:

i. Obtained at least Grade E in General Paper; and
ii.Obtained at least Grade E in two other (2) subjects in one examination sitting.

The applicants using the Matriculation Certificate (KPJM) qualification must also satisfy the following:

i. Obtained CGPA 2.00; and
ii. Passed in all subjects taken

The requirements given are minimum requirements and the University gives priority to high achievers due to the limited number of places that can be offered.

Entry Admission

Application for full a time programme for the candidates with HSC, Matriculation Certificate and other qualifications equivalent to HSC can be made through the Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education Malaysia. Forms for admission are given out through the Ministry of Education and is available at a number of places. The advertisements for admission are advertised in January every year.

Second channel candidates should obtain the forms directly from the Academic Department, Registrar Office, UKM at the end of October, every year. Applicants who are interested to further studies on a part time basis should also submit the application to the Centre for Educational Advancement.

International undergraduate students are enrolled at UKM usually on specially arranged programmes between governments. There are only 1% places opened to foreign students. Currently, all undergraduate courses in UKM utilise Bahasa Melayu as the language of instruction. If you wish to pursue an undergraduate degree course in UKM, write to the following person for the necessary forms.

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