Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

Outcome Based Education

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In this curriculum, based on inputs collected from the stakeholders, the faculty has developed the following Programme Educational Objectives in order to be achieved by the graduates several years after graduation:
  • PEO1 – Engineer / Architect who has character and ethics, as well as high professionalism and contributes to the National Aspirations.
  • PEO2 – Engineer / Architect who is competent in respective engineering practices that meets current and future needs.
  • PEO3 – Engineer / Architect who has a creative and innovative, entrepreneurial and leadership qualities that are glocal.


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In the Outcome Based Education curriculum, a student needs to possess featured listed as the Programme Outcomes just after his/her graduation and these outcomes have to be assessed through designated measurement methods. Therefore, the Faculty has developed the following Programme Outcomes to be achieved by all students: