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PhD and Master

Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science

Targeted for students who are interested in research work and wish to continue their career as researchers or academicians. Students who enroll in these programmes are required to produce a thesis at the end of their study period. The thesis will be judged by examiners and defended by the candidate in an oral presentation.

Master by Coursework

Master by Coursework

Targeted for students that have long left the university or working professionals who wish to upgrade their knowledge by taking advanced professional skilled courses without involvement in a long research. Students who enrol in these programmes are required to take advanced courses that had been specified and also produce a master project report.

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Master of Science (By Research)

FeesFull TimePart Time
1st semesterRM 3817.00RM 3868.00
Subsequent SemesterRM 2807.00RM 2983.00
FeesFull Time
1st semesterRM 6815.00
Subsequent SemesterRM 5405.00

Doctor of Philosophy

FeesFull TimePart Time
1st semesterRM 4430.00RM 3868.00
Subsequent SemesterRM 3420.00RM 2983.00
FeesFull Time
1st semesterRM 8635.00
Subsequent SemesterRM 6925.00

Master of Science (By Coursework)

FeesFull TimePart Time
1st semesterRM 6,500.00RM 5,000.00
2nd semesterRM 4,250.00RM 3,500.00
3rd semesterRM 4,250.00RM 3,500.00
4th semesterRM 3,500.00
Package FeesRM 15,000.00RM 15,500.00
FeesFull Time
1st semesterRM 10,000.00
2nd semesterRM 8,000.00
3rd semesterRM 8,000.00
Package FeesRM 26,000.00


 Master of ScienceDoctor of PhilosophyMaster of Engineering
Mode of StudyResearchResearchCoursework
Full Time2 – 3 years3 – 6 years1.5 – 2 years
Part Time3 – 4 years4 – 7 years2- 4 years
Potential Student FinancePhone Number
1. Zamalah UKM+603-8921 3095
2. http://Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN)+603-2080 4455
3. Human Life Advancement Foundation (HLAF)+603-2858 7075
4. Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)+603-2613 2000
5. Zakat UKM+603-8921 4225/ 5820
6. Graduate Student Assistant (GRA) FKAB

What Our Students Say

About their experiences

Dr. Nur Hazliza Ariffin

PhD in UKM was a very well-rounded experience. I had the opportunity to work on a research topic that I was passionate about, with a great supervision and support team. I was part of an emerging engineering lab, which allowed me to learn a lot of new skills outside the scope of my research. The best part of my PhD journey was collaboration with industry partners including opportunity representing UKM in PECIPTA competition and winning the finals. That was a great confidence booster for my work.

Dr. Abdullah Amru Indera Luthfi

I feel blessed beyond measure to have taken Chemical Engineering for my Ph.D. study in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment (FKAB), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The collaborative and creative research environment fostered at FKAB made it a great place to do research activities and is excellent for intellectual development. Besides, the university holds a high academic standard and ranking worldwide and is a perfect place to educate students to become world-class researchers.

Dr. Ho Kah Chun

I am truly grateful to join UKM in Chemical and Process Engineering for my postgraduate program since 2016. During the program, I was granted full scholarship under Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) “Sustainable Development” Postgraduate Scholarship and given Graduate on Time (GOT) for my PhD program. UKM is one of the top research universities in Malaysia equipped with renowned field experts and high-end analysis equipment to facilitate their postgraduates in conducting research.