Department of Chemical and Process Engineering



Associate Professor Ts. Dr. Norliza Abd. Rahman

BSc Eng (Glamorgan), MSc (UKM), PhD (UM)

Process Control

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Associate Professor Ir. Dr. Hassimi Abu Hasan

BEng (UKM), PhD (UKM), AMIChemE, MIEM, PEng

Water and Wastewater Treatment; Environmental Microbiology

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Ir. Dr. Nor Yuliana Yuhana

BEng (Sheffield), MEng (McGill), PhD (UKM), MIChemE, MIEM, PEng, CEng

Polymer Composites; Plastic Recycling; Epoxy; Nanomaterial

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Associate Prof. Ts. Dr. Rosiah Rohani

BEng (UTM), MSc (UTM), PhD (Auckland)

Membrane Separation; Waste and waste water treatment; Biogas Upgrading, Radiation Grafting, Drilling Fluids

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Associate Professor ChM. Ts. Dr. Wan Nor Roslam Wan Isahak

BSc (UKM), MSc (UKM), PhD (UKM)

Catalysis; CO2 Capturing & Utilization; Hydrogen Production

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Ts. Dr. Nur Hidayatul Nazirah Kamarudin

BSc (UTM), MEng (UTM), PhD (UTM)

Drug Delivery; Catalysis; Adsorption; Nanomaterials

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Dr. Nur Tantiyani Ali Othman

BEng (UKM), PhD (Chiba University)

Tomography; Multiple Phase Flow; Dispersion Particles in Micro Channels

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Dr. Jarinah Mohd Ali

BEng (UiTM), MSc (UTP), PhD (UM)

Estimation Technique; Process Control; Artificial Intelligence

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Ts. Dr. Abdullah Amru Indera Luthfi

BEng (IIUM), PhD (UKM), PTech

Bioprocess Technology; Biorefinery; Bioproducts Processing; Bioreactor Design; Reactor Engineering

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