Research Clusters

KITA research focuses are organized into a number of ‘research clusters’. Each cluster is led by a prominent scholar or a highly experienced professional with an outstanding record of achievements in his or her respective field. It is his/her responsibility to plan and develop activities for the research cluster he/she is in charge of and is also expected to seek funding from within and outside the university. Due to the elevated status of UKM as a Research University, each research cluster is tasked to create an International Advisory Network respectively to advise and evaluate all their activities based on international benchmarks globally from time to time. Up until 2019, KITA has had seven research clusters, namely, (1) Social Theory and Ethnic Studies; (2) Ethnicity and Religion; (3) Ethnicity at Workplace; (4) Ethnicity and Consumerism; (5) Arts and Social Integration; (6) Ethnicity and Food; and (7) Ethnicity and Migration. In 2020, the research clusters are restructured organizationally into three main clusters: (1) Ethnic Studies Theory and Methodology; (2) Applied Ethnic Studies; and (3) Communication and Social Cohesion.