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KITA was established on 8 October 2007 as the only research institute in Malaysia that fully focuses on the study of ‘ethnic’ and ‘ethnicity’. From Semester 2 of academic session 2009/2010, KITA offers postgraduate programs by research mode. As of July 2021, 50 students are currently enrolled in either Master or Doctor Philosophy in Ethnic Studies programme.


Cik Najatulmuna Hamdan

Senior Assistant Registrar

Pn. Suhana Bahtiar

Assistant Postgraduate Officer

Dr. Nur Atiqah Tang Abdullah

Course Coordinator

RERE6014 Research Methodology (Ethnic Studies)

Dr. Adil Johan

Course Coordinator

RERE6012 Discourse on Ethnic Studies

Dr. Chan Suet Kay

Course Coordinator

RERE6022 Social Thoughts on Ethnic Studies

Dr. Shazlin Amir Hamzah


KITA Postgraduates’ Colloquium


Dokumen • Documents

Academic Calendar / Kalendar AkademikSem 2 Sesi 2020/2021
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Rules and Regulations (Postgraduate Studies) / Peraturan-peraturan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Pengajian Siswazah)2021
Guidelines for Postgraduate Students’ Supervision / Garis Panduan Penyeliaan Pelajar Siswazah2015
Guideline for Post Colloquium/Monitoring Seminar Follow-up Communication Record13 Feb 2017
UKM Thesis Writing Referencing Style, Third Printing / Panduan Penulisan Tesis Gaya UKM Cetakan Ketiga2015

English / Malay
UKM Student’s Financial Guidebook / Buku Panduan Kewangan Pelajar UKM2016-2017
Guide to register a Microsoft 365 Account for UKM New Students / Panduan pendaftaran akaun Microsoft 365 bagi pelajar baharu UKM19 Oct 2020

Pekeliling • Circulations

Kalendar Akademik Program Pascasiswazah Semester 2 Sesi Akademik 2020/2021
Pusat Pengurusan Akademik
[kompilasi]Pekeliling Pusat SiswazahPusat Siswazah
Kalendar Sesi Akademik 2020/2021 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Pusat Pengurusan Akademik

Sistem • Systems

SMPStudent Information System / Sistem Maklumat Pelajar

For semester registration and thesis registration at the beginning of every semester

TESES / SPPPTeaching and Supervision Evaluation System / Sistem Penilaian Pengajaran & Penyeliaan

For student’s evaluation on the quality of teaching and supervision received; to be submitted at the end of every semester.

iSTARStudent’s Integrated System of Talent, Activities and Resume / Sistem Integrasi Bakat, Aktiviti dan Resume Pelajar

Information recorded in the system will be extracted as part of Malaysia Qualification Statement (MQS) in tandem with degree conferment after the student successfully completes a postgraduate program.

eFACtUKM Feedback and Complaints System / Sistem Maklum Balas dan Aduan UKM

Official channel for the submission of complaints and feedback such as suggestions, inquiries, and appreciation of services (physical facilities, ICT) and staff members.

SPeEPStudent’s E-mail Application System

Online application system for registration of UKM student email. It’s for all UKM students.

Lain-lain • Miscellaneous

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Hebahan dan makluman melalui saluran sosial media rasmi KITAFacebook KITA
Semakan status jurnal tempatan mengikut keperluan MyRAWebsite MyCite
Saluran hebahan informasi dan pengumuman khusus berkaitan pengajian siswazah KITAChannel Telegram Siswazah KITA
Sistem pencarian maklumat koleksi Perpustakaan UKM secara atas talianKatalog GEMILANG
Sistem pencarian maklumat jurnal, tesis dan buku digital yang dilanggan Perpustakaan UKMPortal e-Journal