Vision, Mission, Goals


Towards sustaining, comparatively and relatively, an inclusive-oriented, stable and harmonious intra- and inter-ethnic relations among Malaysians and beyond.


To foster and build inclusive, multi-strategic approaches in addressing the complex ethnic-based related challenges.


1) Academic:

  • To build a comprehensive database on ethnic relations and minority groups in which data is collected directly and indirectly, particularly in Malaysia and in comparison with other plural societies;

  • To build the capacity and potential of professionals, academics, intellectuals, philosophers among a group of experts specializing in the field of ethnic relations and minorities on a long term basis;

  • To foster academic and intellectual network and professional exchanges among researchers in the field of ethnic and minority studies, within and beyond Malaysia.

2) Public Advocacy:

  • To provide public discourse through round table and focus groups discussions specifically among the general public, specific groups and communities on aspects of ethnic relations in Malaysia;

  • To provide materials based on research findings for the mass media, matters related to various issues of governance, economic and sociopolitical considerations in this country through print or online media as well as various TV shows.