Maternal Fetal Medicine

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Provision of optimum care for high-risk obstetrics patients.

Provision of evidence based medical practice in MFM to achieve optimum pregnancy outcomes via education and promoting research.

• Provision of optimum maternal and fetal care and training ground for MFM related expertise.

• To provide optimum care for patients with maternal and fetal problems.

a) Maternal
  To provide regular care for general obstetrics patients.
  To provide regular combined care for patients with medical disorders.
  To provide preconception counselling for patients with medical/surgical disorders or obstetrics problems.

b) Fetal
  To provide first trimester screening test for fetal chromosomal anomalies
  To provide second trimester screening test for fetal structural or chromosomal anomalies
  To provide diagnostic test for fetal or structural chromosomal anomalies
  To provide management plan for patients with fetal anomaly
  To provide management plan for patients with multiple pregnancies
  To provide expertise training for the sonographers (internal and external candidates)
  To provide training for maternal and fetal medicine program for O&G specialists and other medical personnels

Organization Chart

Fetal Medicine Special Clinics Guidelines

Criteria for Clinic Referral

  1. Booked in antenatal clinic PPUKM.
  2. First antenatal visit in PPUKM.
  3. Request from antenatal clinic, PAC or wards.


Clinic Procedures

  1. Patients’ tickets will be sent to Bilik SINAR from the antenatal clinic counter, PAC or wards.
  2. Patient’s data will be entered into the ultrasound reporting system.
  3. Patient will be assigned to an ultrasound examination station.
  4. Respective sonographer will perform the ultrasound examination as per request after ensuring the correct patient identification.
  5. The patient will return to the respective places while awaiting doctor’s review.
  6. The ultrasound report will be completed, printed out and kept in the patient’s ticket.
  7. The ticket will be dispatched to the respective doctors who requested the ultrasound examination for review.

Fetal Medicine Special Clinics Guidelines


Fetal Medicine Special clinics are as below :




Detailed Scan

Monday until Thursday


Preterm/IUGR Clinic



Multiple Pregnancy Clinic



Nuchal Translucency Clinic

Monday and Wednesday


Birth Defect Clinic



External Cephalic Version Clinic




Criteria for Referral

  1. Booked in antenatal clinic PPUKM or UKMSC.
  2. Cases must be discussed with team specialists or consultant prior to referral.



Clinic Procedures

  1. Referral must be made using MFM Unit request forms.
  2. Request forms will be reviewed and patients will be contacted by phone for appointment.
  3. Patients’ tickets will be sent to the MFM Unit prior to appointment.
  4. Patient register at the Ward 1C counter on the day of appointment.
  5. Payment will be done prior to performing the scan.
  6. Patient’s details will be registered in the ultrasound reporting system.
  7. Patient will be called and assigned to respective ultrasound cubicle.
  8. Ultrasound will be performed by sonographers after making sure the patients are correct.
  9. The patient will be advised to wait in front of the respective clinic room to see the doctor.
  10. The ultrasound report will be completed, printed out and put in the patient’s ticket.
  11. The respective doctor will review the finding and plan for next management.