About Us

The O&G department started operating in 1974 at the Kuala Lumpur Maternity Hospital and moved to the Cheras complex (UKM Hospital) from September 1997. With only 19 lecturers (1 study leave lecturer) now, this department provides services covering all areas of sub-expertise. consisting of Reproductive Medicine, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Gynaeoncology, Urogynaecology and Paediatrics Adolescent Gynecology.


The vision for O&G HCTM/Faculty Perubatan is to be the recognised leader in healthcare for women, babies and their families.


To provide excellent healthcare for women, babies and their families including nurturing and provide traininig the next generation of O&G doctors, specialists and fellows.

Objectives/ Aims​

We aim for the best in everything that we do whether that is making sure our patients are as safe as possible and have the best experience possible or whether that is in the development of our staff and the management of our resources.

  • To develop a well led, capable, motivated and entrepreneurial Workforce;
  • To be ambitious and Efficient and make best use of available resources;
  • To deliver Safe services;
  • To participate in high quality research in order to deliver the most Effective outcomes;
  • To deliver the best possible Experience for patients and staff.


We are committed in providing high quality, professional, safe and customer friendly services.


• Knowledge transfer : Ensuring the knowledge incorporated in services in line with policies.
• Optimum goals : Focus in achieving optimum support and quality for women and children’s health.
• Managing strategy : Strategize to increase effective interactions with patients and collaborations with stakeholders, community and government.
• Integrity : Executing operations/services with full transparency following principles of fairness, mutual respect, and trust among staff and patients.
• Teamwork : Achieving a goal by working together in a team to ensure the quality of the task meets the set standards.
• Excellence and ethics : Forming excellent work ethics and culture in improving the quality of productivity of the department.
• Dynamic and safe : Creating diversity, facilitating a dynamic service and a safe and pleasant environment for all patients and staffs.