Patient Admission Centre (PAC)

Patient Admission Centre (PAC)

Receive all Obstetrics and gynaecology patients where patients will be checked and if patients need to be warded or require treatments including outpatient appointments. Complicated cases will be given emergency treatments.

Service Provided

  1. Cases of pregnant women with signs of giving birth such as contraction pain.
  2. Women undergo bleeding during pregnancy and after child birth.
  3. Women undergo complications after child birth.
  4. Women undergo gynaecology emergency.

Important documents to bring checklist (Patients are required to bring these in order to access emergency treatments in OGAC):

1. Antenatal Check-up Record Book (Pink Book)
2. Referral letter if referred from other clinics
3. COVID-19 risk status and check-in through MySejahtera
4. Temperature check at the entry
5. Deposit or guarantee letter
6. Companions must update COVID-19 risk status and check-in through MySejahtera


*In this unit, Triage System is applied to all patients: Firstly, patients will be screened by nurse incharge. Next, a doctor incharge will attend according to patients’ level of emergency. Only one doctor is appointed in this unit. Emergency patients will be prioritized.

What to pack in your hospital bag?

  • Antenatal Record Book
  • Medication taken during pregnancy (if any)
  • Toiletries
  • Food, thermos and eating utensils
  • Anti-slip slippers
  • Baby bag which includes baby’s clothes, gloves and hats- available at O&G Clinic to purchase
  • At least 4 sets of baby’s dressing clothes
  • Disposable diapers
  • Baby’s blanket
  • Baby wipes


***Patients are NOT ALLOWED to bring infant milk formula. This is in line with PPUKM Breastfeeding Policy and as Baby-Friendly Hospital. Infant milk formula will only be given if health problems present and letter of consent from the medical officer in-charge is issued.

***Patients who are not pregnant are required to bring all the necessities listed except baby items

Visiting guidelines

  • Family members are not allowed to wait for patient in O&G wards
  • Children under 12 years old are not allowed to visit patient in ward

What NOT to bring in maternity ward?

  • A large amount of cash
  • Jewelleries
  • Personal laptop or electrical appliances
  • Sharp objects or any weapon
  • Infant milk formula, bottle or pacifier

Criteria for discharging patients from maternity ward

  • Mother and baby have no complications after labor
  • Baby has been checked by doctor incharge
  • Baby has defecated and urinated
  • Mother is healthy and able to take care of baby confidently
  • Baby is healthy and able to breastfeed
  • Baby’s blood test for G6PD and TSH has been issued
  • Baby has been injected with immunisation injection such as BCG, HEP B, Vit K
  • OAE test has been done (Hearing Screening Test)

*Please bring discharge slip to the payment counter and present proof of payment at maternity ward before bringing both mother and baby/babies home