Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (Social Work)

Introducing Bachelor of Social Work (With Honours)

The study of social work allows you to develop the knowledge, skills, value and experience needed to work with individuals, families, groups and communities who are encountering difficulties in their lives, or whose actions have led to the involvement of statutory services. Worldwide, society is suffering from many social problems, including poverty, unemployment, unequal opportunities, racism, malnutrition, crime, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental illnesses and many other issues that makes it difficult for people to achieve their full potential. This is where social workers come in.

Social work is the helping profession. Social workers undertake sophisticated assessments in relation to issues of care, support and protection in order to empower and improve the life of individuals and society. Social workers have a strong interest in human relationships and a commitment to social justice, along with with well-developed social, empathic and communication skills. Social workers often work with other services including health, education, housing and the justice system.

In Malaysia,  governmental and non-governmental organisations offer job opportunities for social workers. The Department of Social Welfare Malaysia is controlled by the Malaysian government through the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, which provides largest social services in the country. Social services include the benefits and facilities, including protection for children and vulnerable young people, treatments and rehabilitation for offenders and drug users, and support for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

Social services are a core element of all Malaysian social systems. NGOs are also an important actor for delivering social services in Malaysia. Hundreds NGOs have been established in the country in order to provide care and protection for vulnerable individuals, families and communities.

The UKM through the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has started providing Social Work program since 2003 and now we are well-recognised institution in social work training in Malaysia. We seek to meet the demands of a changing profession and contribute to understanding of, and improvements in, social work practice. We play an important role advising on the future shape of social work services in Malaysia, and contribute to reports that lead to the development of Social Work Act, which will be a core legislative basis for Malaysian social work in the future.

Programme Structure

This programme is designed to include 3 years of study to give you a broader and flexible education.

Students must complete 121 credits of study – 60 credits are taken in the Programme compulsory courses, 6 credits  are taken in the Department compulsory courses, and the remaining 55 credits are taken in the University and Faculty compulsory courses.

Students will be taught by and study with (mostly) members of the Social Work academic community as well as academics from other Departments or Faculties.  You are expected to prepare in advance by reading the required materials and by reflecting on the issues to be discussed, and your participation in classes will be assessed.Students may take part in fieldwork opportunities throughout the study, gaining additional social work experiences in a variety of social service agencies, community settings and humanitarian activities.

For the dissertation students will have a supervisor from whom they can expect guidance and support, but the purpose of the dissertation is to allow you to independently design and conduct a piece of research and analysis.

Industrial training is compulsory. It is a student placement in an industry or outside organisation (locally or abroad) that offer social services for a period of 8 weeks.



Scholarship & Student Funding

If you are Malaysian, you may be able to apply for a graduate loan from National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN). PTPTN loan is one of the top choices for students looking for education loans, given its relatively low interest rate. In addition, if you achieve a First Class Honours for your Degree, your loan could be converted into a scholarship. The type and amount of financial support you are eligible for will depend on your programme, the duration of your studies, and your residency status.

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Tuition Fees

Home/Malaysian (Full-time) : The tuition fee is RM37,800 for three years only.

International Student (Full-time) : The tuition fee is RM52,650 for three years only.

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