Other Matters (Postgraduate)

  1. Please update the Faculty of any changes in correspondence address, telephone no. and email address.
  2. Each student who registered starting from 2016/2017 session will be given official UKM email account yourmatricno@siswa.ukm.edu.my (for example P12345@siswa.ukm.my). All official announcements/information regarding your study in UKM will be sent to the official UKM email. You can activate this email account at ukm.my/speep/.
  1. Subscribe to the ‘siswazahfkab’ group mailing list for announcements on academic programmes and students activities. Please email to ictfkab@ukm.edu.my or nurfarah@ukm.edu.my to request your edu email to be included in the postgraduate mailing list.
  2. Check the Postgraduate Notice Boards and the Graduate Center website (ukm.my/pps) regularly.