Other Matters (Postgraduate)

  1. Please update the Faculty of any changes in correspondence address, telephone no. and email address.


  1. Each student who registered starting from 2016/2017 session will be given official UKM email account yourmatricno@siswa.ukm.edu.my (for example P12345@siswa.ukm.my) . All official announcements/information regarding your study in UKM will be sent to the official UKM email. You can activate this email account at ukm.my/speep/.


The step-by-step on how to activate your siswa email address can be accessed through the following link



  1. Subscribe to the ‘siswazahfkab’ group mailing list for announcements on academic programmes and students activities. Please email to ictfkab@ukm.edu.my or nurfarah@ukm.edu.my to request your edu email to be included in the postgraduate mailing list.


  1. Check the Postgraduate Notice Boards and the Graduate Center website (ukm.my/pps) regularly.