Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment


Industrial Training


The Industrial Training is compulsory for engineering and architectural students at the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment UKM. Student who is in the third year study (Engineering programme) and in the second year study (Architectural programme) will be eligible to undergo the industrial training for a duration of 12 weeks during inter-session semester.

Course Objectives

  • To expose the student to engineering or architectural practice which is specific to his/her specialisation and nature of the industry selected,
  • To expose the student to the responsibility of an engineer or an architect and the engineering or architectural profession,
  • To develop communication skills in engineering, which include daily interaction within the working environment and technical writing.

Course Outcomes

  • Be aware of duty, professional responsibility and ethics of an engineer or architect.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in the working environment.
  • Understand general and specific working procedures in the field of engineering or architecture related to the industry.
  • Obtain exposure and practical experience in the related field.
  • Ability to write technical report for the training undertaken.
  • Ability to use knowledge taught to solve industrial problems.

Industrial Training Application

Student who wish to undergo industrial training programme needs to apply via SLAI system at www.ukm.my/smplai/  for the placement. The SLAI database currently contains more than 2000 addresses of companies, government agecies and etc.