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Research @ FKAB

Research and Innovation are the key and crucial pillars in propelling the Faculty through the era of UKM being recognized as Research Universities (RU) in Malaysia. The research ecosystem in FKAB is firmly established, serving as benchmark for diverse stakeholders, both domestically within UKM and at the national and international levels. This is evidenced by the attainment of prestigious and competent research funding, impactful and pertinent research collaboration, leading to pioneering and breakthrough research in highly distinguished publications.

8 Research Centers

Cross interdisciplinary boundaries

3 Libraries

Hold more than 1 million volumes

RM 250 Million

Sponsored research grants

Cutting-edge Research

Cutting-edge research at FKAB represents the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and paving the way for transformative advancements in various fields

UV Light#UV
Microwave Engineering#microwave
Diabetic Sensorimotor#diabetes
Surveillance Drones#drone
Qibla Direction#qibla

Centre of Excellence (CoE)

The center of research stands as the central hub for innovation, discovery, and collaboration, driving transformative advancements and pioneering breakthroughs across various disciplines

Smart and Sustainable Township Research Centre (SUTRA)

Sustainable Township Research encompasses interdisciplinary studies aimed at developing and implementing sustainable practices within urban areas. This research delves into various aspects of urban planning, architecture, transportation, energy, waste management, and community development, with a focus on minimizing environmental impact, enhancing resilience, and promoting social equity. Through innovative strategies and technologies, Sustainable Township Research aims to create thriving communities that balance economic growth with environmental stewardship, fostering long-term sustainability and quality of life for residents.

Research Centre for Sustainable Process Technology (CESPRO)

Sustainable Process Technology refers to the application of environmentally friendly and resource-efficient methods in industrial processes. This field of research focuses on developing innovative technologies and strategies to minimize energy consumption, reduce waste generation, and mitigate environmental impact across various manufacturing sectors. Sustainable Process Technology aims to optimize production processes by integrating renewable energy sources, enhancing material efficiency, and implementing cleaner production techniques.

Centre for Automotive Research


The Centre for Automotive Research is a dedicated hub for advancing automotive technologies and addressing industry challenges through research and innovation. This center conducts interdisciplinary studies, collaborating with academia, industry, and government agencies to develop cutting-edge solutions in areas such as vehicle design, propulsion systems, autonomous driving, and sustainable mobility. By leveraging state-of-the-art facilities and expertise, the Centre for Automotive Research aims to drive technological advancements, enhance vehicle performance, and promote sustainability within the automotive industry.

Centre for Engineering Education Research (P3K)

The Centre for Engineering Education Research is a pivotal institution dedicated to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of engineering education through rigorous research and innovation. By exploring innovative pedagogical approaches, leveraging emerging technologies, and fostering collaboration within the engineering education community, the Centre for Engineering Education Research seeks to elevate the standards of engineering education, prepare future engineers for real-world challenges, and drive continuous improvement in engineering pedagogy and practice.

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Research Strategy 2023 - 2025

UKM's research strategy prioritizes innovation, collaboration, and excellence to tackle global challenges and advance knowledge